Top 10 Best Citronella Spray Bark Collars For Dogs in 2022

Dog’s Top 10 Best Citronella Spray Bark Necklaces in 2022

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Does your dog bark or bark all the time? Looking for a quick and gentle way to teach her to shut up? If so, look no further than a spray bark collar. This handy device works at home or on the go and can have your dog sitting quietly in minutes.

This is a type of collar that produces a citronella spray when it detects a loud noise. The citronella collar helps distract and discourage a dog from barking. There are several smells that dogs don’t like, so you’ll find plenty of collars that accept such smells indoors.

Before we jump into our list of thebest spray bark collar, we invite you to check out our buying guide. Either way, you will definitely end up buying one of these products.

Barking is one of the most stressful. When your puppy is, this makes for behavior such as jumping or mouth barking.

It is possible to try to offer corrections, but you wouldn’t study the collars in case your dog gets them closed after you have done so. There are necklaces. they Will be the lemongrass necklaces!

But first, let us explore the mindset behind your dog’s barking customs.

Our 4-legged companions do not have the vocal cords necessary to “speak”, the communication of what they have to “say” goes through other means: posture, smell, and barking.

Unfortunately, these can quickly become a source of nuisance for us and those around us, even leading to complaints from our neighbors.

Before looking at the possible solutions to this problem, it is first necessary to go to your veterinarian to check that your animal does not suffer from a pathology, then you must determine the cause of the barking.

Your dog may experience separation anxiety, can’t stand confined spaces, respond to other dogs in the neighborhood, or simply lack distraction. In all cases, proper training to correct the unwanted behavior will be essential before considering this accessory.

For more efficiency, an anti-bark collar(also called a training collar)can be of great help to you.

Read this BEFORE purchasing a Bark Collar in 2022

In order to eliminate the slightest pathology, do not hesitate to take your dog to the veterinarian for a check-up. If the visit does not detect any disease, then the cause of the barking must be found elsewhere. To do this, you must try to remember when the barking increased and in what situation it is heard.

Thus, these can be the result of separation anxiety(when you are away from your home for a certain period of time),a fear of confined spaces(for dogs that do not have enough space), perhaps it is also the proximity of another animal that triggers this unwanted behavior, or the arrival of a new dog or new child.

Once the cause of the barking has been found and depending on it, you can choose to have recourse to a behaviorist or to use various tools intended to correct the behavior that you deem inappropriate.

In any case, necklaces alone will not offer a quick fix. You will need patience and vigilance in order to find a harmonious relationship with your animal.

Best anti-bark collars are therefore an effective solution, but should only be used as a reinforcement for training (and not as a single solution).
There are 3 types of necklaces: Spray (lemongrass flavored or odorless), Ultrasonic, and Electrostatic type.

In this article, we explainhow a citronella bark collar works, and the models to favor effective and safe activities for your dog.

How does it work?

A microphone is placed in the collar and is programmed to pick up your dog’s barking. This then triggers a completely harmless lemongrass spray jet which is sent in the direction of your animal’s mouth.

Most of these necklaces are battery operated but some brands offer them delivered with battery and even with remote control. A button is usually used to activate or deactivate the collar. However, for models without one, you will have to take care to remove the battery very regularly in order to prolong its longevity. Other models even go so far as to include a spray range adjustment.

The refill of the bottle is based on the same principle as that of a lighter: it has a filling valve that you just have to put in contact with the metal tip of the collar and then press the refill until the tank reaches the indicated level.

Be careful never to completely fill the reservoir of the collar, otherwise, the refill valve will be damaged. Likewise, you must regularly make sure that the collar is not empty, in which case your dog will no longer understand the message you want to convey to him.

This type of collar is therefore very easy to use.

Effects of a spray bark collar (citronella)

PetSafe anti Bark citronella Spray

Check on Amazon

The emission of spray causes an unpleasant sensation and stimulates 3 senses: smell, sight, and hearing.

Your dog will therefore soonassociate this sensation with undesirable behavior.

If you opt for the remote control model, the citronella bark collar will also allow you to correct not only nuisance barking but also other bad habits such as jumping on people or damaging your furniture. You can therefore use it in your presence by deciding when you want the spray to be emitted.

Some dog masters and mistresses worry about the composition of the sprays, anxious not to cause allergy or irritation in their companions. Some brands offer sprays composed entirely of essential oils, while others have chemical compounds but guaranteed cosmetic quality.The well-being of the animal, therefore, remains at the heart of the concerns.

Remember once again that, in order to have an optimal effect, this type of collar must be combined with training.

We still see many people complaining about the ineffectiveness of these necklaces, forgetting that they are only tools, not quick fixes. Correcting unwanted behavior takes the long term and comes at the cost of targeted learning.

For what type of dogs?

This type of collar works with almost all dogs. On the other hand, if your companion is particularly stubborn, it is better to opt for another model. It is also an excellent alternative to other necklaces offering less “natural” methods.

The spray collar is generallya model of choice for small dogs. However, due to the weight of the spray, it is not the lightest on the market.

Where to buy a cheap lemongrass necklace?

The citronella necklace has a cost that remains moderate compared to ultrasonic or electrostatic models. It varies between around fifteen euros /nineteen dollars for basic models but can go up to 90 euros / 111 dollars for those with more options such as programming, etc …

To find a wide range of necklaces at affordable prices, we recommend that you take a look at Amazon. However, be careful not to give in to the cheaper ones, sometimes it is enough to add a few euros more to obtain a better quality collar, which will ensure both your peace of mind, but also guarantee the comfort and safety of your dog!

PetSafe Spray Bark Dog Collar, Automatic Anti-Bark Device for Dogs 8 lb. and Up – Rechargeable and Water-Resistant – Includes Citronella and Unscented Spray Refills & USB Charging Cable

Petsafe Spray Bark Control Dog Training Collar

Check on Amazon

The Petsafe Spray Bark Collar is a superior dog training collar, which delivers a quick lemongrass spray when it finds your dog barking.


  • GENTLE BARK CONTROL: The collar sensor detects the noise and jerking off your dog’s bark afterward…
  • REPLACEABLE SPRAY CARTRIDGES: The trainer includes 2 replaceable refill cartridges in…
  • CUSTOMIZED FOR YOUR DOG: Our innovative bark detection technology helps prevent false corrections
  • WATERPROOF AND LIGHTWEIGHT COLLAR: The flexible nylon collar fits canine companions weighing 4 kg and over and…


  • A rechargeable battery lasts about 40 hours
  • Includes a single unscented spray capsule and a single citronella spray capsule, each with approximately 35 masks each.
  • For dogs of 4 kg or more.
  • The flexible strap-type collar can accommodate dogs with a neck of about 69cm
  • uses a super low spray indicator light to let you know you need to turn off the cartridge.


  • A rechargeable battery is an ABSOLUTELY convenience
  • A very important aspect is the spray doesn’t hurt the dog
  • Excellent Battery life.
  • Cartridges have a lot of sprays per unit
  • Very large nylon strap for the collar, suitable for all sizes of dogs
  • Excellent box and it works out of the Packaging due to 2 sample cartridges
  • Quickly Charged
  • Easy-to-use setup
  • Consistent bark detecter
  • Effective


  • Sensitive
  • Sprays for even low single whimpers

JK TECH Rechargeable No Bark Gentle Spray Collar Pet Anti Bark Citronella Spray Collar Excludes Citronella Bottle for Small Medium Large Dogs9(Package Comes Free Dog Training Video)

JK TECH Anti-Bark Spray Collar

Check on Amazon

JK TECH Collar is a high-quality anti-bark collar that comes with a watchband style collar as well as a flexible nozzle that allows you to control the amount of lemongrass sprayed.


  • You can charge the collar using the supplied USB cable
  • LED display to let you know when the battery power is low
  • The spray nozzle is adjustable so you can adjust the amount of coated lemongrass as needed
  • Watch-style soft plastic collar with buckle closure
  • Does not include lemongrass spray, which must be purchased separately
  • Available in dark blue or light blue
  • The collar is water-resistant, so it won’t stop working if your dog needs to tingle in the rain


  • Rechargeable battery
  • USB cable for recharging
  • You will never need to get replacement batteries for a long time
  • Money-saving product


  • A little sensitive
  • The savings provided are offset by the absence of spray

Downtown Pet Supply NO BARK Citronella Spray Collar
, Anti-Bark Deterrent for Dogs Kit – Safe, Effective, and Humane Dog Barking Control Collar

Downtown Pet Supply NO BARK Citronella Spray Collar
Check on Amazon

Downtown Pet Supply’s NO BARK Citronella Collar is an effective training tool at an incredibly reasonable price that many owners have found to be quite powerful. It is intended to require two distinct types of standards (noticeable snoring and also throat vibrations that accompany the noises) before discharging the spray, to avoid inappropriate corrections.


  • Uses a disposable 6-volt battery (one included with purchase)
  • Incorporate the first lemongrass spray can
  • Suitable for dogs at least 3 kg
  • Includes 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Homeowners value great success and they do it for less. The NO BARK SPRAY necklace not only offers the lowest cost, but it includes a premiere and a tin cane of citronella. It is a good choice and offers for the owners.


  • A couple of owners noted that the collar could spray onto others with sneezing, complaining of noises despite a confirmation procedure. Many owners have reported that it makes no mention of these types of issues and works.

DOGTEK No Bark Citronella Spray Collar for Dogs
DOGTEK No Bark Citronella Spray Collar for Dogs

Check on Amazon

The DOGTEK Bark Control Collar is a powerful collar available at a really great price. Unlike various other components that include batteries or vaporizers, the DOGTEK Collar includes these items, which makes your purchase more suitable.


  • Flexible nylon strap holder that works for dogs as little as 3kg
  • Powered by a disposable 6-volt battery
  • A one-year manufacturer’s warranty reassures
  • The first container of citronella, battery and user guide included with your purchase


  • simple and easy to use
  • The second bonus is citronella makes mosquitos go away
  • Refillable
  • It gives a warning spray when you turn it on to let you know its working
  • Citronella doesn’t smell bad


  • A bit sensitive
  • A few customers noted that their collars had not worked for a very long time

Queenmew Auto Spray Collar – Auto Spray Dog Bark Collar, Rechargeable Waterproof Bark Training Collar, Adjustable Bark Control Device

Queenmew Anti Bark Collars
Check on Amazon

This necklace comes with a spray device that transports the citronella and dispenses it evenly at the right time. However, you can still purchase aPetSafe refill. The role of the microphone is to pick up the sound of the bark and then the spray occurs.

The volume of the spray depends on the sensitivity of the built-in microphone. The device is powered by a lithium battery that can be charged in 2 or 3 hours and allows continuous use for up to 30 days.

This cheap spray bark collar is waterproof and you don’t have to worry about your dog playing in the rain or splashing water. The vaporization process is automatic and it precisely prevents dogs from barking. The adjustable collar is there to fit your dog. It also comes with replaceable straps.


  • NO electric Shock or harmful.
  • Adjustable Sensitivity and Volume feature
  • Rechargeable built-in
  • waterproof design
  • Automatic Bark Control
  • Adjustable collar strap for all (most) sizes,
  • The packaging is contained 2 replacement straps

Note: NO citronella spray in the packaging of this device, please purchase it separately from Amazon.


  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Waterproof construction
  • Long battery life


  • Does not come with a refill container, citronella

PetTec Dog Bark Collar + 2 Spray Refills, Training and Education Collar, Bark Detection, Rechargeable Battery, Adjustable Settings, Waterproof IP65 (Citronella)PetTec spray bark collar

Check on Amazon

The PetSafe Citronella Bark Collar is a fantastic option for owners of small-breed dogs. It has all the features one would expect from a citronella bark collar. Made from high-quality materials, this product is durable and completely safe for your dogs.

It works the same as other bark collars. It automatically detects barking and triggers the spray to prevent it completely. Plus, it’s waterproof, so you can relax while they play in the pouring rain.

Spray volume can be adjusted, while a single refill provides up to 20 full sprays. Therefore, if you are training your small dog and want to go with the shock-free option, the PetTec Bark Collar is what you can use.


  • This Collar automatically detects and sprays
  • Made with high-quality materials in manufacturing
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Suitable for the well-being of dogs.
  • Waterproof, So the dog can go in splashing water and in the rain as well
  • Adjustable and adaptable for all sizes of dogs.
  • This collar will not cause physical or mental harm to your dog due to its Good design and good quality
  • Completely safe for Dogs and dog owners, without any allergy
  • Each refill has up to 20 full sprays


  • High quality material
  • 20 spray per refill
  • Adaptation for all dogs
  • Safely


  • None

ULTPEAK Automatic Dog Bark Collar, Spray Bark Collar, Rechargeable And Safe Training Collar with 2 Replacement Straps

ULTPEAK Citronella Spray Necklace Check on Amazon

If you think that an anti-shock collar or anti-pull harness is not the best choice for your pet, you can try this anti-bark collar spray for dogs from ULTPEAK.

Dogs don’t like the smell of citronella, which is, in this case, an amazing weapon in combating dog barking, and after just a few days and a few sessions the dog will start to realize that it is the barking that releases that terrible smell, which will make him stop doing that.

The ULTPEAK Bark Collar for Dogs is another automatic collar that detects vocalizations to deliver a corrective spray. It’s an intermediate option, but like the other options, it has its share of pluses and minuses.

Neck hair should be trimmed in the case of long-haired dogs. Depending on the frequency and intensity of the barking, the volume of the spray can be large or small. This electric collar works more than 7 days out of 2 hours of charging. It also fits most sizes.


  • Suitable for dogs 6 months to 8 years old
  • The packaging contains 2 spare straps
  • No electric shock or vibration, safe for dogs
  • Automatic Bark Collar
  • Adjustable Sensitivity and Volume
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof (allows dogs to go in the water or in the rain
  • Built-in lithium battery

NOTE: The Packaging does not include the citronella spray, please purchase it separately from Amazon


  • Automatic lemongrass spray
  • Adjustable spray volume
  • Waterproof and rechargeable
  • Long battery life


  • Does not work with aggressive dogs or dogs with long noses

PetSafe Deluxe Spray Bark Collar

PetSafe Deluxe Spray Bark Collar Check on Amazon

This high-tech collar is signaled by both sound and vibration. So every time your friend barks, he sprays a squirt of lemongrass-scented spray. This collar comes with a citronella spray can and includes an adjustable nylon collar that fits necks up to 16 inches. Best of all, this collar is easy to use, has no manual adjustment, and generally encourages dogs to stop barking within the first few days.

This device is designed to provide spray correction when the sound and vibration of the barking of an average dog is detected. Both should be detected by the collar prior to administering a spray patch. This helps to avoid false activation.

While it is possible that the howl your pet emits is similar enough to bark to activate the correction of a bark control collar, we cannot guarantee that a bark control collar will be suitable for the unique situation. of your animal.


  • Patented Perfect Bark Control detects sounds and vibrations and only activates when your dog barks.
  • The easy-to-use collar does not require manual adjustment and generally encourages dogs to stop barking within the first few days.
  • The natural lemon-scented spray is safe and effective
  • WOLFWILL Receiver Collar TPU Training Collar


  • Collar has worth the money
  • It is great for small dogs
  • It can be replaced without question


  • Could be heated up at the level of the contact

The Ultpeak spray training collar is a black and orange box attached to an adjustable and flexible silicone collar that is intended for dogs weighing at least 3.5 kg and at least 6 months old. It comes with a remote control that provides remotecontrol of the collar.

The great asset of this training collar is itscompletely painlessand non-intrusivespray correction method for the doggie. The Ultpeak is indeed a spray training collar. For the many people who rejected or outright opposed theelectro-stimulation correctionsystem (found in the vast majority of canine training systems), the technique of training by spraying liquid appears to be a humane and nevertheless effective alternative.

The Ultpeak Spray Training Collaris splash-proof, so no worries if your dog is having fun in big puddles. It is not, however, immersible. It’s a shame, so remember to remove the collar before swimming!

The other specificity of this spray collar is that it has two operating modes:

  • A remote training mode: thanks to its wireless remote control, the user can dissuade the dog from doing a bad deed or repress it (gently) when it shows bad behavior or behavioral disorders. In addition to the annoying barking, this very practical mode allows training to be extended to other areas: scratching the ground, jumping, etc.
  • An automatic anti-bark mode: thanks to sensors, the Ultpeak collar can automatically, even in the absence of the owner, detect the barking of the dog and respond to it by splashing liquid. Guaranteed deterrence!


The collar works witha rechargeable battery(which is particularly valuable) and the remote control contains batteries (two 1.5V AAA batteries). It comes with a USB charger allowing fast charging of the collar (only 2 hours).

The Ultpeak Spray Training Collar remote control allows you totrain up to two different dogs. On the other hand, although the correction system is not as sophisticated as the models with an electrostimulation system, this spray collar still offers the userseveral possible corrections or warning modesbased on the sound and on the liquid projection:

  • A low beep mode: This will generally serve as a small warning. When the dog is about to commit a bad deed, we can try to dissuade him with a weak sound signal.
  • A high beep mode: The sound here is louder and more dissuasive.
  • A short spray mode: A small correction by projecting a small amount of liquid.
  • A long spray mode: for confirmed nonsense, a large amount of liquid is projected into the doggie’s face.

Note also for the automatic anti-bark mode that it is possible to adjust the sensitivity of the collar so that it only reacts to high-frequencybarking.


The Ultpeak Spray Training Collar Pack contains only one training collar. Since the system can train up to two different dogs, people with two doggies to train can purchase a second collar, sold separately.

To Purchase EXTRA Collar:

Toaccess the separate necklaces click here Check on Amazon for further details and prices.

Also, liquid refills are not included with the purchase, and it will also be necessary to purchase them separately. To help you,
To access this productPetSafe Spray Can Refill for Elite Spray Bark Control Collars”for further details, price, and to purchase from Amazon, Click here to Check on Amazon


A very good product for amateur training without electric shock and to teach your dog not to bark excessively!


  • Gentle correction (spray)
  • Little price
  • Auto bark system
  • Fast charging


  • Liquid not included
  • Good only for amateur dressage

Sumao Rechargeable Anti-Bark Citronella Dog Training Collar – An Ultrasonic Stop Dogs Barking Deterrent Anti-Bark Dog Training Control Stopper with 50 FT Rechargeable & Waterproof Stop Dog Barking for Small Dogs Scrapbook Set (Red)

Sumao Rechargeable Anti-Bark Citronella Dog Training CollarSumao Rechargeable Anti-Bark Citronella Dog Training Collar (2)

Check on Amazon

Sumao citronella dog collar is very safe and has no harmful acids, rays, or smells. It successfully discourages your dog from barking without hurting the body and skin of your pet.


It can be used with these three functionalities, such as beeping, spraying, and vibration. You can change the functions and select the certain function you want to discourage your pet from barking. The owners of their dogs usually want to use these two options ‘beeping’ and ‘vibration’ first before using the citronella. However, an anti-bark citronella spray is the most sufficient equipment for training your dog not to bark.

It has a rechargeable battery to work frequently without any inconvenience and usually, it gets charged quickly within a couple of hours and works up to 9 to 11 days after the full charge. The remote works for up to almost 25 days, but it’s not suitable because once the owners of the dog find the optimal settings, they will like to use the remote a lot. and its once more plus point is the wireless remote

This product is waterproof, safe, and reliable as well as secure for your dog. So because of this feature, You can let your dog go outside even in the rain,

It has advanced sensors, So You can operate this collar with a remote up to 1000 feet distance easily. and you will be pleased to know that this collar is very good for the money, or you can say that this collar is worth for money which you are going to spend.


  • Modern-looking collar with a remote control
  • wireless remote
  • Can beep, vibrate, or spray
  • Charges within 2 hours and remote can last 10 days
  • Works within 1000 feet which is an extremely long-range
  • Comes with a 1-year guarantee


  • May need to refill the collar often if your dog barks a lot

The Best Guide To Buying a Best Anti-Bark Citronella Spray Collar For Dogs in 2022

Lemongrass bark collars are a safe, humane, and effective way to keep your dog from barking because it does not involve pain to punish him.

have already provided Citronella Bark Collar reviewsabove, but here is the end buyer’s guide to help you choose the features you need on a Bark Collar for your dog.

Size and type

Your dog’s comfort is a concern. To get the most suitable lemongrass necklace possible, you need to make sure that the neck size is correct. So, it is recommended to check the neck dimension on the e-commerce site where you are supposed to buy. It is also a good idea to choose the right type of necklace according to your needs.

  1. Manual: You need to use a remote control to pop the spray.
  2. Automatic: it detects the bark and releases the lemongrass.


The Spray Bark Collar is typically made with sturdy materials, such as canvas, to keep pace with a dog’s active and energetic life. The clips and housing are made of durable plastic to allow easy access and adjustments, without the worry of them collapsing.


While spray collars may be similar in some ways, the power supply is not one of them. All of the necklaces mentioned above use batteries, but they can’t seem to agree on what type of battery to use, with everything from AA batteries to lithium-ion batteries to 6V batteries. Don’t forget to check which ones you need if you want a backup battery, just in case.


Depending on your dog’s activity, exploring the status of waterproof or water-resistant will be of great benefit to you.

Water Resistant: If your dog is active in outdoor activities, consider the water resistance of the collar. The water-resistant model is perfect for exposure to wet grass or light rain.
Waterproof: If you have a lake dog, go for the waterproof model which is submersible.


The majority of spray collars can last up to 7 days on standby, but that’s only for the battery. The spray storage tank usually allows about 30 to 35 uses. So if you use the remote mentioned above, you can spend the full 7 days before you have to worry about the collar.

However, if you have chosen to use a collar that detects barking and there is no one around, it is quite possible that you will at least need to refill the lemongrass on a regular basis. Also, consider this when buying a spray bark collar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use the citronella bark collar?

If you are considering owning such a collar to prevent your dog from barking, here are some facts you need to know.

  • Controls your dog’s barking in your absence
  • More humane than other types of bark collars
  • You don’t have to do anything except put on the necklace
  • Cheaper than the manual model
  • Accidental activations can occur
  • You have no control over the spray
  • Sometimes he doesn’t respond to high-pitched barking
  • Some dogs will not react to the spray

How does a citronella bark collar work?

The Anti Bark Collar Spray works by sending a puff of misty citronella close to your dog’s muzzle. The spray distracts your dog from barking and punishes him. The punishment is simply the bad smell he smells.

Unlike dogs, humans do not find the scent of citronella unpleasant, on the contrary, some people use this scent for aromatherapy. Although citronella can be used safely even in the presence of young children, ingestion of large amounts can be harmful and, if accidentally sprayed into the eye, can cause irritation.

Are citronella bark necklaces safe?

Although ingesting citronella in large doses can be dangerous for dogs, these products are relatively safe. You might be wondering how it works. A spray bark collar does not contain much. In contrast, only around 10% of the substance is used to stop your dog’s behavior.

But the use of these collars becomes problematic in certain situations. For example, dogs with breathing problems should not wear one of these collars. This will only make their ability to breathe more difficult. In any case, you should consult your vet before considering purchasing one.

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