The Top 10 Best Dog Training Collars in 2022 and 2023 (updated)

My selection of dog training collars: from the simplest to the most sophisticated with always a good quality/price ratio.

You are looking for an effective tool to educate your pooch and a training collar would seem to be the ideal solution but you have found yourself a little lost among the countless models on the market. It’s normal: we’ve all been there.

There are spray or electrostatic collars, more or less long-range, more or less sophisticated or waterproof devices, heavy or less heavy, which work with batteries or with battery … The prices also vary from simple to triple (or more even) and you naturally want quality without being fooled.

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My selection ofdog training collars: from the simplest to the most sophisticated with always a good quality/price ratio!

You are looking for an effective tool to educate your pooch and a training collar would seem to be the ideal solution but you have found yourself a little lost among the countless models on the market. It’s normal: we’ve all been there.

There are spray or electrostatic collars, more or less long-range, more or less sophisticated or waterproof devices, heavy or less heavy, which work with batteries or with only one battery. The prices also vary from simple to triple (or more even) and you naturally want quality without being fooled.

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Images of Training Collars: ➝Garmin Delta XC, the-10-best-dog-training-collars-in-2020PetSafe SMART DOG Bluetooth Training Collar, the-10-best-dog-training-collars-in-2020NUM'AXES CANICOM 200
Model of Training Collars: ➝Garmin Delta XCPetSafe SMART DOG Bluetooth Training CollarNumaxes - Canicom-200 Training Collar
Type: ➝♥ Remote control
♥ Bluetooth♥ Remote control
Scope: ➝♥ 1200 Meters♥ 70 Meters♥ 200 Meters
Various: ➝♥ 3 Modes
♥ Anti-barking
♥ 3 Modes
♥ 15 Levels
♥ 2 Modes
♥ 9 Levels
Description:➝♥ The very high end for a fair price♥ The most modern! Great qualities slightly reduced by the choice of bluetooth♥ An excellent choice for those not interested in the range of the training device. Best quality-price report
Our Rating: ➝[rating stars="4.9"][rating stars="4.1"][rating stars="4.0"]
Details & Price: ➝
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Images of Training Collars: ➝PetSafe Remote Training Collar – Choose from Tone, Vibration, or 15 Levels of Static Stimulation – Medium Range Option for Training Off Leash Dogs – Waterproof and Durable – Rechargeable<br />
SportDog delta XC, the best dog training collarsULTPEAK training collar, best dog training collars
Model of Training Collars :➝PetSafe 900 M Remote Dog Training CollarSportDog Delta XCULTPEAK training collar
Type: ➝♥ Remote control♥ Remote control♥ 2in1: Auto / Remote
Scope: ➝♥ 900 Meters♥ 1200 Meters♥ 500 Feet
Various: ➝♥ 3 Modes
♥ 15 Levels
♥ 3 Modes
♥ Stimulation ranges
♥ 2 Modes
♥ 2 Sub-Modes
Description: ➝♥ The second best necklace of our comparison despite a somewhat limited range of the device♥ High-end training collar rich in functionality and easy to master.
♥ The best of the best at an affordable price
♥ Spray: Without electrostimulation Remote training collar
♥ Automatic bark collar 2 in 1 Reimbursable for 30 days
Our Rating: ➝[rating stars="4.3"][rating stars="4.0"][rating stars="3.0"]

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Garmin Delta XC Dog Training Collar
Garmin Delta XC, the-10-best-dog-training-collars-in-2020

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For professional training of your dog (s), we now present the Garmin Delta XC training collar. The case of Delta XC is particularly compact and light. Ergonomic, it is designed to be comfortable for your pooch, whatever its size. It has dimensions of 3.7 x 5.9 x 3.9 cm for a weight of 65 g (which makes it one of the lightest necklaces in this comparison).

Like all the models of training collars in this comparison, you will find in the box of the Garmin Delta XC a pair of special replacement long-hair electrodes. If those on the collar are not suitable, you can therefore easily change them using the small wrench provided.

As for the model mentioned above, the Delta XC training collar is fully waterproof and immersible (iPX7 standard). You can therefore easily take your dog for a swim.

The Delta XC is controlled via a small transmitter: a remote control weighing only 106 g that fits in the pocket (5.2 x 13.6 x 2.7 cm). Waterproof and immersible, the remote control of the Garmin training collar even has the ability to float in water. Anecdotal, perhaps, but it’s still great to be able to educate your dog while taking a dip without risking losing our transmitter!

The Delta XC remote control has an LCD screen offering an interface that greatly facilitates the configuration of the device. Indeed, on this kind of sophisticated model, it is really appreciable to have a little visibility.

The Garmin Delta XC training collar and remote control are rechargeable and provide up to three weeks of battery life. It’s not huge, but enough to enjoy a few strolls before setting it up to charge. In any case, on this kind of more technologically advanced device, you will have to get used to limited autonomy.

This training collar is designed to allow you to train up to 3 dogs at the same time. Of course, you will need to acquire one or two additional necklaces for this. Note that it is also possible to link the Delta XC with a beacon of prohibited zones. This allows for defining a perimeter in which your dog is not allowed to go. But here too, you will need to purchase additional equipment.

How the collar works:

The Garmin Delta XC is a 2-in-1 training collar since it also contains a BarkLimiter function which also makes it the best anti-bark collar. And to be even more successful, it even has its own smartphone application that allows you to follow the progress of your pooch.

  • Dressageis the main reason for the Delta XC. The designers have therefore gone to great lengths to make it a very sophisticated and effective dog training tool while providing some keys to make your job easier.

Already, the Delta XC is like the Sport Trainer seen previously: 3 correction modes (Sound, vibrations, or electrostatic stimulation), and 3 electrostatic stimulation intensity ranges (low/medium/high), but this time each including no less than 18 progressive intensity levels. Here too, like the Sport Trainer, the Delta XC offers the possibility of administering short or continuous stimulation.

Also, and this will surely delight most beginners: the Delta XC is sold with its user guide which includes, among other things, a small instruction manual for basic training. For example, you will learn how to teach a few simple commands such as “sit” or “at the foot” using the collar.

  • The BarkLimiteris what allows you to automatically correct your doggie’s excessive barking. Far from being just a gadget option, this feature elevates the Delta XC training system to the rank of an authentic bark collar (and quality, too).

Garmin Delta XCWith the BarkLimiter, you get a high-tech bark collar. It also allows you to program correction modes, stimulation intensity, etc. In addition, the Delta XC incorporates technologies that allow it to reliably detect your dog’s barking to avoid accidental triggering.

What’s also good is that you can turn this feature on and off at any time.

  • The Garmin Canine Connect appdownloads and installs on your smartphone or tablet. Unlike PetSafe’s SmartDog Bluetooth model, it is not required to operate your Delta XC training collar. It is nevertheless interesting. Used in conjunction with your training collar, it offers activity tracking for your doggie through which you can observe its progress.

It will not have escaped your notice that the Delta XC training collar is the most expensive in this comparison. Indeed, if you are only looking for a simple and durable training collar, it may not be the most appropriate. We will surely recommend a model like the Sport-Trainer or even the Canicom 200 First.

However, if you are looking for a reliable tool to get you started in the business of serious and thorough training of your dog (s), the Delta XC is, we assure you, a good investment. Its price should also be put into perspective since the collar includes a real anti-bark function, which makes it a 2-in-1 collar that will ultimately cost less than the purchase of a training collar + an anti-barking collar.

Technical details of the Delta XC:

  • Weight: 65 g (collar) 106 g (remote control)
  • Neck circumference: up to 72 cm
  • Range: 1200 meters


A Garmin Delta XC training collar with a range of 1200 meters including the function of automatically correcting your doggie’s excessive barking. Designed for optimal outdoor use. 3 correction modes (Sound, vibrations or electrostatic stimulation), 3 electrostatic stimulation intensity ranges (low/medium/high)


  • Automatic anti-bark mode
  • Easy to use


  • A little heavy
  • Non-immersible

PetSafe SMART DOG Bluetooth Training Collar

The PetSafe SmartDog training collar is a small blue box that attaches to an adjustable nylon strap collar. Lightweight and removable, the case can of course fit on the collar your dog already has. If you’ve read our review of the PetSafe Static Stimulation Bark Collar, you may have noticed that the SmartDog has a similar design. However, although similar in appearance, these two necklaces of course do not share the same functionality.

The PetSafe SmartDog Collar will fit any dog ​​weighing over 3.6 kg. The adjustable nylon strap fits necks up to 71cm around. But as you have already been told, the removable case can be attached to another collar.

Like the PetSafe Bark Collar, the SmartDog Training Collar is designed to betough and waterproof. It can therefore be used indoors and outdoors, even in rainy or snowy weather.

In addition to its price which makes it one of the cheapest training collars on the market, we will also appreciate the SmartDog from PetSafe and the fact that it is rechargeable. It’s still more practical than battery necklaces, you will agree! In addition, a small low battery indicator will light up when it’s time to charge it. So you can anticipate. Once plugged in, the SmartDog Collar charges in 5 hours.

You will probably be surprised by theabsence of remote control. Generally, training collars are controlled using a remote control. The peculiarity of this model is that it can be controlled using Bluetooth wireless technology from your smartphone or tablet.

To be honest, this has both pros and cons. On the one hand, there is no need to bother with a remote control that you risk losing or forgetting at home. You will be less likely to leave your phone at home (for most people, having it always with you is an automatic process).

On the other hand, besides the fact that the possession of a device such as a smartphone or a tabletis essential, the effectiveness of the PetSafe training collar will also be correlated with the quality of your Bluetooth connection. For optimal operation, it will therefore be necessary to have a good smartphone.

With a low-end device, the training collar will not work or will have its range reduced. Especially since it can basically extend to a maximum of 70 meters, which already places it in the low average for a training collar.

If you have an average or poor quality phone, or if your pooch is a die-hard runner, you better consider another model of training collar (with remote and longer range).

How does the collar works?

We can compare the operating principle of the training collar to that used in best anti-bark collars: it is also a question of reprimanding the bad habits of our doggies in order to eventually eliminate their various negative behaviors. Unlike the anti-bark collar, which is triggered automatically, here it is you who completely control the training of your animal.

As we told you above, the PetSafe SmartDog Training Collar is piloted directly from your phone. All you need to do is install the PetSafe SMART DOG app on your smartphone or tablet (of course, you don’t have to pay anything extra). To reassure the less tech-savvy among you, we tell you: the application is extremely intuitive and easy to use. A child could use it without any problem (However, don’t let your children play with it!).

Once the collar is adjusted around the neck of your pooch, open the app. You then have the choice between three buttons. They correspond to the three modes of stimulation that you will use to train your dog.

  • A sound signal. If your dog starts barking, digging, or jumping, in short, if he has behavioral disorders or behaves inappropriately, you can by pressing this button emit a sound signal that he will hear. At the end of the training, he will understand on his own that this signal means that you are watching him and that his master disapproves of his behavior. This “beep” does not cause any discomfort or pain for your pet and will act as a simple warning.
  • The second button will vibrate your dog’s collar. More intrusive than a simple beep, it will also be more dissuasive while causing no discomfort for your pooch. The objective here is not yet to correct your dog but to send him a warning.
  • Finally, the third mode is the one that administers the corrections in case of bad behavior. persistent. Especially useful at the beginning of training, it allows you to educate your pooch by making him understand what undesirable attitudes are. By pressing this button, your dog will receive a small correction which will take the form of electrostatic stimulation.
    You have a choice between 15 progressive levels of stimulation intensity. This allows the collar to be adapted to the temperament of your doggie. Do not be afraid: level 1 like 15 does not represent any danger for your companion.
    The goal is above all to surprise him and to make him associate an unpleasant feeling with bad behavior in order to annihilate negative attitudes. The effectiveness of this method is formidable: you can usually see positive results in just a few days!

To use the PetSafe SmartDog Training Collar, note that you will need a phone or tablet compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Also, the application only works from version 5 of Android or 8 iOS.

PetSafe SmartDog Technical Details

  • Weight: 349 g
  • Neck circumference: up to 71 cm
  • Range: 70 meters

A Bluetooth training collar that can be controlled via your smartphone. Simple and inexpensive: ideal for local training.


  • without remote control
  • little price
  • easy to use


  • Requires a quality smartphone
  • Small range (70 meters)

The Canicom 200 first is a French-made dog training collar offered by the specialized firm Num’axes. It stands out for its unbeatable quality/price ratio but also for its ease of use. the specialized firm Num’axes has made many models of dog training collars including Canicom 1500 pro and the other 5 best Num’axes Canicom dog training collars

Like all training collars of its kind, the Canicom 200 first is a small box with a featherweight of 75 grams equipped with two short electrodes. It is attached to a polyurethane strap collar (washable in soapy water) that can be adjusted to the necks of dogs whose neck circumference is between 20 and 50 cm. The Canicom 200 first is a training collar suitable fordogs of all sizesbut weighing over 3.6 kg.

Note that the pack of this collar contains a second set of electrodes, long this time. For the collar to be effective, you will need to make sure that these electrodes are in good contact with your doggie’s skin. That’s why if the short electrodes aren’t enough (because your dog has abundant fur, for example), you can easily swap them out for the extra-long electrodes provided.

The Canicom 200 first training collar workswith remote control included with the purchase. Its dimensions of 9.6 x 4 x 1.8 cm allow you to store it easily in your pocket and hold it in your hand without a hitch.

The Canicom 200 first is designed to bewaterproof.It will therefore hold up if your pooch decides to take a dip during a walk. Its resistance to immersion still remains to be qualified since it is advisable to change the gasket of the case approximately once a year in order to guarantee its tightness.

The remote control, on the other hand, is runoff-proof, meaning you can’t immerse it in water. However, you can use it without a problem in rain or snow. The Canicom remote control and collar both operate on batteries. One for each device, to be precise. Although it is less practical than with a rechargeable battery, we will appreciate the fact that these two batteries are included with the purchase and that they give the two devices fairly good autonomy.

The Canicom 200 first training collar will therefore hold approximately 3 less with intensive use and 7 less with moderate use. For the remote control, there will be up to 50,000 stimulation triggers (which is pretty good). You will find on the remote control as well as on the box of the Canicom collar a low battery indicator light. Be sure to use it with caution and moderation.

On the other hand, if you decide to leave the Canicom 200 first around your dog’s neck for a long period (3 months or more), remember toremove the batteriesNUM'AXES CANICOM 200, THE TOP 10 BEST TRAINING COLLARS IN 2020from the box and the remote controlbeforehand.

The Canicom 200 first allows your dog to be trained with a range of 200 meters. In comparison with other models of training collars, this range is not huge. However, it remains sufficient for outdoor use.

To test the operation of your Canicom 200 first without sending stimulation to your companion, you can use the small neon test lamp supplied with the purchase. You will see that it will light up with a light intensity that will vary depending on the level of stimulation you have pressed.

How the collar works:

If we like the Canicom 200 first, it’s also because it’s reallyeasy to understand and use.By needing to be an expert, no need for user guides of 400 pages to know by heart! This training collar has only 2 modes of use. It’s not very sophisticated, let’s face it, but it’s still effective while being accessible to everyone.

The remote has only6 colored buttons.The first button is yellow and has a sound icon. You understand, pressing it activates the first mode: a sound signal. It is a small “beep” that will ring in the ears of your doggie and which will serve as a warning reminding him of your control and authority over him.

The other 5 buttons are numbered from 1 to 5 and correspond to5progressiveintensity levels of electrostatic stimulation. This is the second mode: small corrections that you will send to your dog if he persists in not obeying you. These simulations are without any danger for him and will make him understand very effectively and quickly what are undesirable attitudes. Thanks to this reliable training method, one can usually observe a change in the animal’s behavior in just a few days.

Although the electrostatic stimulation of training collars poses no risk to the animal, it is still important for the well-being of your pooch to ensure that it is used with care and moderation. On the other hand, if you decide to leave the Canicom 200 first around your dog’s neck for a long period (3 months or more), remember to remove the batteries from the box and the remote control beforehand.

The Canicom 200 first allows your dog to be trained with a range of 200 meters. In comparison with other models of training collars, this range is not huge. However, it is still sufficient for outdoor use in small gardens.

To test the operation of your Canicom 200 first without sending stimulation to your companion, you can use the small neon test lamp supplied with the purchase. You will see that it will light up with a light intensity that will vary depending on the level of stimulation you have pressed.

Technical details of the Canicom 200 First

  • Weight: 75g (necklace), 40g (remote control)
  • Neck circumference: 20 to 50 cm
  • Range: 200 meters


An ultra-reliable tool for efficient and very simple dressing, all with excellent value for money!


  • Very easy to use
  • Good autonomy
  • good value for money


  • Battery operated,
  • Seal to change regularly

Petsafe 900 MRemote Training Collar – Choose from Tone, Vibration, or 15 Levels of Static Stimulation – Medium-Range Option for Training Off-Leash Dogs – Waterproof and Durable – RechargeablePetSafe 900 M Remote Dog Training Collar

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A PetSafe training collar with a range of 900 meters including an automatic anti-bark function. Designed for optimal outdoor use. The best quality/price ratio of our comparison …

You will not have missed the training collar PetSafe that we present to you here looks like its colleague SmartDog that you just saw earlier in this comparison. Same brand, same design, etc. Make no mistake, however: these two training collars are very different from each other, both in their design and in the uses they allow.

Before getting to the heart of the matter, a brief presentation is required. The PetSafe 900 Meter Training Collar (or Petsafe PDT19-16125) is both an automatic bark collar and a manual training collar for dogs. It is suitable for dogs at least 6 months old and weighing at least 3.6 kg.
The training system is contained in a small gray box fixed on a collar of nylon webbing designed which can be adjusted to the neck of your pooch (as long as it does not exceed 58 cm around). Resistant and waterproof, the PetSafe 900 meters will perform very well indoors and outdoors, in any weather.

Unlike the SmartDog, the PetSafe 900 meters is not controlled from your tablet or phone but via a small remote control. It is rather ergonomic and its dimensions allow it to be easily inserted into your pocket. It has a digital screen from which you will control the necklace.
Of course, if you go for a walk with your dog, you will have to be careful not to forget your remote control. This piloting system has the advantage of allowing your PetSafe 900 meters to function optimally in all circumstances (unlike the Bluetooth connection system).

The PetSafe 900m and its remote control are rechargeable by USB cable (included). The training collar also has a low battery indicator so you don’t get caught out. Like its counterpart the PetSafe SmartDog, the PetSafe 900 meter charges in approximately 4 or 5 hours.

The big differencePetSafe 900 M, The 10 best dog training collars in 2020between the two models of PetSafe training collars it is especially their range. While the SmartDog offered a range of only 70 meters at its maximum capacity, with the PetSafe 900 we reach 900 meters (hence the name, in fact…).

The consequences in terms of uses are immense. While the SmartDog will only be suitable for use in a small space (a room or a small garden for example), the PetSafe 900 will remain very effective on large grounds. It is designed for use across great distances. This also allows you to be able to call your dog even if he is very far from you!

The wide range of the PetSafe 900 meters offers is interesting in many ways. However, it should be noted the small disadvantage of this collar compared to the SmartDog: the PetSafe 900 will be heavier, and therefore more suitable for medium to large dogs.

How does the collar work:

The PetSafe 900 meter combines the technologies of the PetSafe bark collars with those of the training collars. This means that with this model, the corrections can be sent automatically if your dog barks. Thanks to a vibration detector that captures the movement of your dog’s vocal cords, the collar knows when to send the stimuli. (For more information on anti-bark collars, we recommend our page on the subject!)

Of course, since it is above all a training collar, the PetSafe 900 meter also has manual control via its remote control. You can then choose when to administer warnings or corrections. The handling of the remote control is rather easy. You will find all the information you need in the quick start guide that is included in the pack.

The PetSafe 900 meters offers a choice of three stimulation modes. On this point, it is exactly the same as for the PetSafe SmartDog described previously: a sound signal-only mode (the emission of a “beep”), a vibration-only mode, and a correction mode by electrostatic stimulation. Again, as with the SmartDog, the PetSafe 900 meters gives you the option of choosing from 15 progressive degrees of intensity.

Regarding electrostatic stimulation: do not worry. This process is guaranteed to be 100% safe for the animal. In addition, the PetSafe 900 meter has an automatic locking system for stimulation levels greater than 8 so that your dog does not receive electrostatic stimulation of increased levels if the collar is accidentally released.
Accidental triggers can indeed occur if the collar detects a vibration that is not due to barking from your doggie. To avoid this problem, we advise you to set your collar most of the time to vibrations only or to a sound signal alone.

Finally, a little practical detail if you have two dogs to train: the PetSafe 900 meters allows you to train up to two dogs. You will naturally need to purchase a second necklace (they are also sold separately). It is still more interesting in terms of costs than having to buy a second collar / remote control pack.

Technical details of the PetSafe 900 m:

  • Weight: 517 g
  • Neck circumference: up to 58 cm
  • Range: 900
  • Waterproof


A PetSafe training collar with a range of 900 meters including an automatic anti-bark function. Designed for optimal outdoor use.


  • Automatic anti-bark mode
  • Easy to use


  • A little heavy
  • Non-immersible

SportDOG Brand SportHunter Family Remote Hunting Dog Training E-Collar – New X-Series – Waterproof, Rechargeable with Static, Vibrate, and Tone – 1/2, 3/4, and 1 Mile Ranges

SportDog delta XC dog training collar parts
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SportDog delta XC dog training collarIf you are looking for a training collar that offers a range of more than one km and having a more advanced programming system than what we have seen so far, it is undoubtedly the Sport-Trainer 1200 m that you need.

The Sport-Trainer training collar is a compact receiver box (80 g for dimensions of 8 x 3.8 x 4.7 cm) fixed on an adjustable collar. Ergonomic, the case with two small electrodes is designed to naturally fit your dog’s neckline.

The Sport-Trainer is suitable for small, medium, and large dogs with neck circumferences between 13 and 55 cm. (Note however here that this type of collar cannot be used on dogs less than 6 months old or weighing less than 3.6 kg).

In order to accommodate all types of doggies, the second set of longer electrodes is provided for purchase. If your pet has too long hair for the short electrodes already installed on the Sport-Trainer box, you can replace them. The important thing is to be able to establish clear contact between the electrodes and your dog’s skin.

To control the collar, you will find in the box a small remote control of 129 grams. Light, Therefore, but also rather ergonomic. The dimensions of this transmitter (9 x 5.1 x 3.1 cm) allow a comfortable grip and possible storage in your pocket.

The Sport-Trainer training collar is particularly durable. In addition, it has DryTechtm technology, which makes it completely waterproof and immersible up to 7.6 meters (6p and iP67 standard). This is quite interesting, especially if you want to train a hunting dog (in case it has to cross streams) or if you just like to take your pooch for a walk to the lake or to the beach.

Another positive point: The collar and remote control are rechargeable and also benefit from particularly fast charging. You can expect 2 hours of charging time.

The Sport-Trainer will then have autonomy of several weeks, which is not huge, let’s face it (it does have a small defect anyway!). However, since it has a low battery detection system, you will be informed by an indicator light when it should be charged.

The Sport-Trainer training collar offers you the possibility to train up to three dogs with one remote control. For this of course you will need to acquire additional necklaces. They are sold separately.

The SportDog Sport-Trainer Training Collar contains technologies that give its transmitter an excellent range. You can indeed control your dog’s collar via your remote control even if you are more than a km from your animal (1200 meters, to be precise!).

This of course allows optimal use outdoors on large grounds but is also especially suitable for the training of hunting dogs.

Very reliable and efficient, the Sport-Trainer also features particularly sophisticated programming which allows precise and personalized training. In order to be able to adapt to the many canine temperaments, it has 3 modes of use, and 3 ranges of stimulation, each comprising 16 levels of intensity. Are you lost? We explain to you:

  • The three modes of use correspond to the method of warning or correcting you can choose to respond to your dog’s negative behavior. We have already mentioned them in the other models of training collars. There is the “sound signal only” mode (a “beep” that serves as a call to order).
    Also, the “vibrations only” mode warns your companion in a slightly more intrusive way without disturbing him. Finally, a correction mode by electrostatic stimulation. Safe and available in several degrees of intensity, it aims to correct negative behaviors when they occur.SportDog delta XC dog training collar.png
  • The three stimulation ranges allow personalized use of the third mode of use in order to adapt it to your dog’s temperament. You can therefore choose between the following three ranges: low-intensity stimulation, medium-intensity stimulation, and high-intensity stimulation.
  • Finally, 16 levels of intensity within each of these ranges are available to you. More precisely, you will find 8 progressive degrees of intensity with the possibility of emitting for each of them a short or continuous stimulation. A short stimulation will be used for example to surprise and to order while a long one will be effective to warn of a danger or to correct a more serious stupidity.

The Sport-Trainer has an included user guide that makes it easy to get started. Of course, it won’t be as easy to use as the model seen above, but that’s the price of sophistication!

Technical details of the Sport Trainer:

  • Weight: 80g (necklace) 129g (remote control)
  • Neck circumference: 13 to 55 cm
  • Range: 1200 meters


A high-quality training collar with advanced functionality and a long reach, all for a reasonable price.


  • High degrees of customization
  • Immersible
  • Good range
  • Fast charging


  • no interface


The Ultpeak spray training collar is a black and orange box attached to an adjustable and flexible silicone collar that is intended for dogs weighing at least 3.5 kg and at least 6 months old. It comes with a remote control that provides remotecontrol of the collar.

The great asset of this training collar is itscompletely painlessand non-intrusivespray correction methodfor the doggie. The Ultpeak is indeed a spray training collar. For the many people rejected or outright opposed to theelectro-stimulation correction system (found in the vast majority of canine training systems), the technique of training by spraying liquid appears to be a humane and nevertheless effective alternative.

The Ultpeak Spray Training Collaris splash-proof, so no worries if your dog is having fun in big puddles. It is not, however, immersible. It’s a shame, so remember to remove the collar before swimming!

The other specificity of this spray collar is that it has two operating modes:

  • A remote training mode: thanks to its remote control, the user can dissuade the dog from doing a bad deed or repress it (gently) when it shows bad behavior. In addition to the annoying barking, this very practical mode allows training to be extended to other areas: scratching the ground, jumping, etc.
  • An automatic anti-bark mode: thanks to sensors, the Ultpeak collar can automatically, even in the absence of the owner, detect the barking of the dog and respond to it by splashing liquid. Guaranteed deterrence!


The collar works witha rechargeable battery(which is particularly valuable) and the remote control contains batteries (two 1.5V AAA batteries). It comes with a USB charger allowing fast charging of the collar (only 2 hours).

The Ultpeak Spray Training Collar remote control allows you totrain up to two different dogs. On the other hand, although the correction system is not as sophisticated as the models with an electrostimulation system, this spray collar still offers the userseveral possible corrections or warning modesbased on the sound and on the liquid projection:

  • A low beep mode: This will generally serve as a small warning. When the dog is about to commit a bad deed, we can try to dissuade him with a weak sound signal.
  • A high beep mode: The sound here is louder and more dissuasive.
  • A short spray mode: A small correction by projecting a small amount of liquid.
  • A long spray mode: for confirmed nonsense, a large amount of liquid is projected into the doggie’s face.

Note also for the automatic anti-bark mode that it is possible to adjust the sensitivity of the collar so that it only reacts to high-frequency barking.

To know before purchase – To Purchase Extra Collar

The Ultpeak Spray Training Collar Pack contains only one training collar. Since the system can train up to two different dogs, people with two doggies to train can purchase a second collar, sold separately. Toaccess the necklaces for further details and price on Amazon, click here Check on Amazon

Also, liquid refills are not included with the purchase, and it will also be necessary to purchase them separately. To help you,
To access this product PetSafe Spray Can Refill for Elite Spray Bark Control Collars” for further details, price and purchase from Amazon, Click here Check on Amazon


A very good product for amateur training without electric shock and to teach your dog not to bark excessively!


  • Gentle correction (spray)
  • Little price
  • Auto bark system
  • Fast charging


  • Liquid not included
  • Good only for amateur dressage

Petrainer Pet916 Dog Training Collar with Remote – Advanced Rechargeable Training Collar for Dogs, Easy to Carry & Fits in Your Pocket,100% Waterproof Trainer

Petrainer Pet916 training collar
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Today we present a training collar signed by Petrainer, the Pet916 which will seduce by its reliability, its solidity but also by its affordable price.


Petrainer innovates with his Pet916 since it appears as the only manufacturer in this comparison to offera pack that includes two training collars. It will therefore not be necessary for the owner of two dogs to invest in the purchase of an additional collar (which in most cases costs not much less than the pack itself!). But that’s not the only advantage of the Petrainer Pet916 training collar.

A bit likePetSafe products, Petrainer training tools are distinguished by their reliability and hereby simple but formidably effective technology. With a range of about 300m, it will be more suitable forproximity trainingand will be particularly suitable for teaching your dog to get rid of bad habits such as:

  • The nuisance and disturbing barking
  • Scratching Doors
  • The holes dug in the garden (poor beds!)
  • Unwanted jumps

Material level, we are here with the Petrainer on a case which may seem imposing but which all in all is rather light (6 x 3.5 x 3cm for 49g) and which will suit dogs of almost all sizes Thanks toan adjustable collarfor necks of 20 to 70 cm.

In terms of water resistance, this training collar reaches a rather respectable level compared to its low price. Indeed, the Petrainer, whichis completely waterproof against splashes, rain, and snow, is also resistant in cases of brief immersion underwater.

As for the remote control, PET916 offers a rather ergonomic transmitter with a non-slip surface and a light format (63g) that fits in the hand (4 x 8 x 2.2cm).


The Petrainer Pet916 receiver collar works thanks toa rechargeable battery which offers very good autonomy since it can last up to 3 to 7 days depending on the use that one makes of it. As for the remote control, it is even better since once charged, the device offers autonomy which can go up to 2 months.

The Petrainer pet916 dog training system allows a single remote control to train two different dogs by the use of 3 different stimulation modes, the intensity of which is adjustable almost every time (with a very high degree of customization).

  • Beep mode: The device sends the dog an audible signal which serves as a warning.
  • A Vibration Mode: The Pet916 training collar vibrates to deter the dog from committing a bad deed (digging, for example). Here it is possible to customize the intensity of the vibrations by selecting the most suitable for your doggie over a range from 0 to 100.
  • An electrostatic model: To put an end to the dog’s bad behavior or to suppress a bad action, it is possible to send small electrostatic stimuli via the training collar. Safe for the dog, these stimuli can also be adjusted since you can alsoselect the appropriate intensity from among 100 levels here.

A small flat for the Petrainer Pet916: although this training collar offers a high degree of customization in its settings, the configuration, which will be carried out directly on the remote control, will not be so intuitive and easy to perform. And for good reason: the remote control does not have many buttons and it will take time to read the user manual to get an effective grip. A little painful, therefore, but nothing insurmountable, however!


A necklace that will seduce by its reliability, its solidity but also by its affordable price.


  • Good autonomy
  • Attractive price
  • The high degree of customization
  • A good degree of tightness
  • 3 stimulation modes


  • Range of only 300 meters
  • Setting a little difficult

Num’axes Canicom 800 Training Collar

If we have been seduced by the Canicom 200 from Num’axes but want a much greater range, there is the Canicom 800: long-range, ease of use, reliability, etc. Zoom on this little jewel ofFrench design.


Let’s talk a bit about the Canicom 800 training collar from num’axes. Designed for medium to large-sized dogs, its very comfortablereceiver box weighs only 75 grams and has respectable dimensions of 38 x 68 x 43 mm. It is mounted on an adjustable polyurethane strap that will suit necklines from 20 to 50 cm.

To address any type of dog,the canicom 800 pack includes, like most training collars, a set of short electrodes (for short-haired dogs) as well as a set of long electrodes (for long-haired dogs).

The Num’axes canicom 800 training collars are also waterproof. There is therefore no risk in using it near a lake or stream. It is powered by a 3 Volt CR2 lithium battery which is included with the purchase. In terms of autonomy, this is quite satisfactory because the Canicom 800 will last up to 7 months in standby mode and up to 2 months with intensive use.


The num’axes Canicom 800 training collar works with remote control included with the purchase, which is designed to allow the user to train up to 2 dogs simultaneously. Be careful though: the pack only includes one necklace. To train 2 dogs with the remote control of the canicom 800, it will therefore be necessary to acquire a second collar (they are also sold separately, without remote control, for a lower price).

As in the 200 version of the Canicom collar which we are also talking about in this comparison, the remote control of the canicom 800 is very easy to use. Witha backlit LCD screen, settings and control are easy.

The great advantage of the 800 version of the canicom training collar is the great reach it offers. Indeed, while the canicom 200 allowed the user to control his dog’s collar from a distance of only 200 meters, the latter will be able, with the canicom 800, to pilot the collar at a distance ofno less than 800 meters! The num’axes canicom 800 training collar can very well be used for training dogs in large areas and no longer only in small gardens.

The canicom 800 is anelectrostatic stimulation training collar that offers two distinct correction modes: a beep-only mode and an electrostatic mode, with long or short stimulations (as desired) that can be configured according to 15 increasing intensity levels. Very safe, the canicom 800 also has a “boosterbutton that can beconfigured in advance by the user and which enables it to deal with emergency situations.

Let’s talk a bit about thecanicom 800 remote control. Very comfortable in the hand, it is light and fits in the pocket thanks to its dimensions of 108 x 55 x 24 mm and a featherweight of only 85 grams (battery included). Like the collar, the remote control works with a lithium battery included. Its autonomy is also quite good since it allows up to 30,000 trips.

In terms of waterproofing, although it cannot withstand immersion, the canicom 800’s remote control will bewatertight, which also allows use in rain or snow.

What’s in the box:

  • One Canicom 800 collar fitted with short electrodes on a black polyurethane strap
  • 1 lithium battery for the collar
  • One Canicom 800 remote control with its battery
  • 1 neon test lamp
  • One set of long electrodes
  • 1 strap
  • One DVD + User guide
  • waterproof


An ultra-reliable, French-made training collar that offers both good range, long battery life, and high water resistance, all for a very reasonable price!


  • Good range: 800 meters
  • Good autonomy
  • Ease of use
  • Immersion-proof (the collar only!)
  • Good value for money


  • Not rechargeable
  • Non-immersible remote control

LOETAD Dog Training Collar, Electric Dog Collar with 900 Meter Remote Control Waterproof IPX7 Rechargeable Collar with 3 Beep / Vibration / Shock Modes (Upgraded Version)


A budget-friendly electrostatic stimulation training collar that holds up.

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The LOETAD training collar is A range of 900 meters: which is rather practical for the education of young dogs who run everywhere and have the energy to spare! 3 modes of stimulation: sound, vibrations, and electrostimulation.The possibility of adjusting the intensity of electrostatic stimulation from 1 to 16.
A collar & remote control are rechargeable in 2 hours and offer 2 hours to 12 days of autonomy depending on use. Another rather practical thing: the Loetad collar offers a high degree of resistance to water: rain, snow, and water games.
Although partially resistant to immersion, it is not recommended to allow the dog to bathe in it as this greatly reduces the longevity of the collar. The collar adapts to necks ranging from 15 to 70 cm around. Without a doubt a very good alternative for masters looking for a low-cost training collar without sacrificing functionality or the quality of the finish.


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It is available on with the same specification and functions, and ships from here as well, but sold by PetSpy


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PetSpy P620B Dog Training Collar with Dual Collars

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PetSafe Spray Training Collar

PetSafe Rechargeable Bark Collar

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ThePetSafe SmartDog training collar with spray is a small blue box that attaches to an adjustable nylon strap collar. Lightweight and removable, the case can of course fit on the collar your dog already has. For the big PetSafe loyalists who are looking for a soft and completely painless training collar for their dog,

There is the PetSafe 300 Meter Jet Training System. With a range of about 300 meters, it allows the user to undertake local education, therefore more suitable in or around the house than on large grounds (not really suitable for hunting dog training, for example…)PetSafe Dog spray bark collar with charger.

The PetSafe Spray Training Collar will suit dogs of almost all sizes (over 3.6 kg and under 68cm neck). It is also completely waterproof and rechargeable.

The big news compared to other spray collars is that instead of refilling canisters to fill the reservoir with liquid, the PetSafe collar works with liquid cartridges, which each contain 35 sprays.

Functional levels, we are not left out here since the remote control allows the user to remotely dispense warnings or corrections in three modes: a jet mode, a beep mode, and a vibration mode. The remote control also has an LCD screen for ease of use.

DOG CARE Dog Training Collars Shock Collar for Dogs Beep Vibration and Shock Modes Rainproof Training Collar with Remote Long Remote Range Rechargeable Dog Training Set

DOG CARE Dog Training Collar

Dog Care appears like an inexpensive and rather reliable alternative to the small-range training collars that we are talking about in this review. Designed for semi-proximity training, it will be particularly effective for training a dog in a garden or during walks.

Combined with an anti-bark system, the Dog Care training collar is tailored for individuals who wish to teach their animals simple commands or eliminate annoying behavior.DOG CARE Dog Training CollarFor more details and Price Check on Amazon

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