Potty Training Your Puppy in 2022

Potty training starts as soon as your puppy arrives home and it’s a real implication for you!


Potty training starts as soon as your puppy arrives home and it really means a lot to you.

Puppies urinate frequently, and successful learning depends on anticipating their needs. They should have the opportunity to relieve themselves at least every two hours. We notice when a puppy needs because he looks around him, turns in circles, and begins to smell the corners that seem suitable.



Injunctions: teaching the puppy order

Regardless of the weather, your puppy should be taken outside after waking up and after eating or drinking. Once outside, give him a simple command, always the same: he will know that he can relieve himself. Praise him when he does, but ignore him when he doesn’t. If you find a puddle inside, don’t scold your puppy unless you catch him red-handed. Otherwise, your pet will not know why he is being punished. Above all, never put “his nose in it”.


Potty training: house or apartment puppy, same fight!

Whether you live in an apartment or in a house, we recommend that you take your puppy out as often as possible: at least in the morning when you wake up, after each meal, and in the evening before going to bed.

Tips for detecting when the puppy needs: if the puppy starts to squeal, sniffle all over the place, sad eyes …

Another possible alternative if you live in a house:

Potty training

you can potty train your puppy using newspapers, praising him when he has “done” in the newspaper. Be careful not to make a habit of praising him with treats. Watch out for being overweight! Over time, move the newspapers closer to the door and finish outside, in the garden. Place a small piece of soiled paper outside so the puppy will recognize its own unique scent.

If you live in an apartment, we do not recommend this method, as you will not be able to gradually move your journal outside.


Teach your puppy to wait

If you live in an apartment, try learning with the crate (dog park). Your puppy will then learn to wait in his own space before going outside. But give her the opportunity to relieve herself at least every two hours, especially after eating, sleeping, or playing.

Reactions to “accidents” indoors

If your puppy has an “accident,” don’t scold him. Always clean the floor properly in order to completely eliminate the odor, but not in its presence as it might take it for a game. Otherwise, your puppy will continue to relieve himself in the same place.


Relearning an adult dog

For an adult dog, start by confining it to a specific space. Be sure to take him out on a regular basis, and when he “does” show him a lot of affection and praise. As with puppies, if an accident occurs indoors, neutralize the area to prevent it from coming back. If the problem persists, seek advice from your veterinarian. Incontinence can possibly be a sign of disease in dogs.

Follow a routine

If you follow a strict routine, your puppy will quickly learn to be clean around the house. However, do not deviate from the rules or your dog’s learning will fail.

mealtimes of the growing dog than an adult, time of outings, time of play. the key is routine. Continue this routine until you are sure your pet will no longer relieve himself inside and can wait to come out. Gradually reduce outings. In the event of an accident, increase this number again.

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