Numaxes Canicom 800 Dog Training Collar in 2022

Collar Canicom 800: Characteristics of this Training Collar

Manufactured by Numaxes, the Canicom 800 training collar has many advantages. Besides its great range, the collar is very easy to use for owners, which makes it a perfect accessory fortraining their dog. Its functionalities, combined with the scope, transform it sometimes into an anti-runaway collar, sometimes into a training collar.

With the Num’axes Canicom 800 training collar, allowing you to control the dog up to a distance of 800 meters, you will be able to correct your dog’s behavior without any stress for your pupil. Thanks to the easily adjustable length of 20 to 50 cm, the collar can become a good accessory for dogs of different sizes and weights, but also allows you to train 2 dogs.

Representing light and convenient tool of 75 g and measuring 38 x 68 x 43 mm, the Num’axes Canicom 800 training collar will become an indispensable friend in the process of training your pet.

Presentation of the Canicom 800 dog collar

Editor's rating: 4.5 / 5

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  • Efficient quickly
  • Convenient to use with remote control
  • Possibility to train both dogs
  • Several operating modes for different dogs
  • Easily rechargeable
  • Very long-range
  • Waterproof
  • A very large reach
  • Relatively simple use of the collar
  • A training system that works for two dogs (if purchasing an additional Canicom Expert collar)


  • No recharging via mains
  • No sound or electrostatic mode
  • 15 s
  • The reaction distance is less than 800 meters
  • May irritate dog’s skin


  • Beep warnings
  • Adjustable electrostatic stimulation: 15 levels
  • “Booster” button in case of emergency

Our opinion on the Canicom 800 training collar in 2022

A very nice litter

The Canicom 800 is one of theCanicom collarswhich have large ranges. This distance of 800 meters is ideal fortaking a dog without a leashand without always recalling it at the foot. He can thus run away and if he does not return or danger arises, a stimulation is equivalent to an order.

Indeed, at such a distance, unless you are in the countryside, your announcements will not be heard by the dog. The litter collar is also useful for hunting dogs or in open gardens. On the other hand, if you have a small dog that is not very active, such as a Chihuahua, the distance of theCanicom 200 First is more than enough to walk it around your home.

The ergonomics of the Canicom 800 are perfect

The designers of theNumaxes education necklace wanted to keep things simple and they succeeded. The remote control works with 4 buttons and an LCD screen. With the first two keys, you adjustthe intensity of the stimuli, which are 15 in number.

These are just vibrations. We would have liked to be able to also benefit from audible beeps, electrostatic stimulation, and more different modes. However, the proposal works wonders for educating your animal. At full intensity, the vibrations become painful for the animal, but at low volume, they are simply annoying and sufficient to train the dog.

The third key is used to send the stimuli, while the last is a“Booster” mode. It is to be used in emergency situations. By pressing it, the stimulation sent is stronger. It allows you to avoid dangers such as crossing a road or controlling your dog’s aggression towards a fellow creature or a human.

The collar for 1 or 2 dogs

When you purchase the Canicom 800 you will receive the collar, remote control, user manual, and wire to charge the collar. The remote control receives its energy from batteries. This education system works for a dog. If you have two dogs, rest assured, you won’t have to double the expense.

You canget a second Canicom Expert training collar (compatible with the remote control) and train your two animals at the same time. The four keys allow you to send stimulation for only one dog or both. Thus, you avoid multiplying remote controls and sending your orders late because you are juggling accessories. Thisensures better learning for each dogwho has a coherent education.

A waterproof training collar

The Canicom 800 is perfectly waterproof. It can be totally submerged without getting damaged. So you can continue to put it around the animal’s neck while on vacation or when you go around a stream.

However, we do not allow you to send stimulation into the water, even if the dog is not listening to you. This can numb him a bit and the dog may have difficulty staying on the surface. The remote control of the training collar, if not waterproof, is resistant to rain.

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