Numaxes Canicom 200 First Training Collar Test in 2022

Numaxes Canicom 200

NUM'AXES CANICOM 200, best CANICOM dog training collars

This Numaxes training collar is a great product. I recommend it to everyone.

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  • Works wonderfully
  • Long battery life
  • Lightweight collar
  • Remote control


  • Range too low for some outings


– Range of 200 meters
– Waterproof
– Battery operated
– Black color
– In stock at Amazon
– Canicom efficiency
– Approved by our 4 testers

The Canicom 200 First training collar, manufactured by theNumaxes brand, is one of the best-selling models in France. It benefits from the reputation of the brand and from a quality/price ratio that seems decisive/conclusive.

In order to make up our own minds, we had the collar tested by five different masters and mistresses to see if it really deserved its reputation as a “great training collar”. Here are our results.

Test of the Canicom 200 training collar by Marc

Conditions of Marc’s test
Living in Savoie, Marc is a loyal user of the 30 million friends’ site. He very often takes in dog victims of violence or who have never received a real education. Therefore, he must first show his dominant position but also be fair. He, therefore, handles caress and punishment with intelligence.

In June, he took in Isaack, a four-year-old German Shepherd who had been abandoned in the field. But, very fearful, the dog was aggressive as soon as a human silhouette or a dog pleased him. Marc, therefore, chose to test the Canicom 200 training collar. Here is what emerges.

Marc’s opinion
“I ordered the product on Amazon and received it after two days. To teach Isaack what the training collar was since he has never known one, I took it to my family were passionate about animals, and own both cats and dogs.

Obviously, from the first few minutes, he started to growl viciously and I activated the Canicom 200 training collar. He gave a little cry of surprise and pain. Subsequently, I found a lower level of stimulation to avoid this suffering.

I am fully satisfied since, in one weekend, I had the impression of progressing more in my dog ​​training than in three weeks. He quickly understood the reason for the collar. Rarely do I have to use the Canicom collar now. For safety, I leave it around his neck.

I still have very limited use of it since I don’t take Isaack for a walk without a leash, but today I can take it everywhere without fear that it will bite one of its congeners. ”

Canicom 200 test by Pascal

Canicom 200 First training collar test

Miko also enjoys swimming with a collar …

The conditions of the test

Pascal has several Beagles. As a big fan of hunting and hiking in the forest, he must teach his dogs very early on to listen to their master. His latest addition, Miko, is therefore in the midst of a learning phase. A long-time friend, I sent him the Canicom 200 First training collar that I own for him to test.

Pascal’s opinion
“Usually, I take necklaces from the above range, around 200 to 300 €. For this price, the training collar is still of high quality. I was therefore not very confident about the Canicom 200, despite the positive feedback I had from it. In the end, he really does the job.

I took Miko to the forest. Crazy, he wanted to run after every animal he saw or every sound he heard. Despite my habit of training a dog, it is very difficult to teach a young dog to contain himself quickly. So I activated the stimuli several times.

From my experience, I understood that it was better to inflict a little pain on the dog than to let him get lost in the middle of the forest with all the risks that ensue. Miko responded very quickly and came back. Efficiency level, it’s really remarkable.

I, therefore, recommend it to anyone who wants a cheap, quality training collar with a limited range. Indeed, for a test, that is very good, but I cannot imagine a hunter going into the forest regularly with a range of 200m. For my older dogs, I always take a range greater than 500 meters. So, I’m going to order Santa Claus the Canicom 800 for Miko.”
Very good product. But runners, prefer the Canicom 800.

Thibault gives his opinion on the Canicom 200 First

The conditions of the test
Thibault passed to an American Staff. This breed has a reputation as a brawler and aggressive dog. In reality, we can develop this character in these dogs which are, when we have only one neuron, good fighting dogs. But, in the foyer, a well-trained American Staff is adorable.

He is affectionate and enjoys playing with children and his surprising muscles do not imply a propensity to dominate. However, it is vital to socialize him very young with other dogs and show him the limits. Thibault, therefore, chose the Canicom 200 First to teach him to walk in step.

Thibault’s review
“The Numaxes training collar is a real eye-opener. I mistakenly thought that the use of such a device would awaken his aggressiveness. On the contrary, Licki quickly understood that he had to obey me or be punished. Initially, I had to put a little high level of stimulation.

Indeed, given his strength, he did not feel the weakest levels and did not listen to me when I passed another dog. He would go directly to see him and I can understand that for the owners accustomed to having only small furry doggies, it can be frightening to see my Licki come running, even without any aggressiveness.

Now he doesn’t do that anymore. The help to educate has worked. Even better, I found it changing in our games. Before, he used to put his teeth a little too hard during our games. Now, he prefers to bet on licking. Frankly, for a breed like an American Staff and for moderate use, the Canicom training collar is perfect. I even recommended it to several of my friends. ”

Sandrine’s opinion on the Canicom 200 First collar

Canicom 200 First training collar test 2

Chana is not resentful after the collar test!

Opinion of SandrineSandrine test conditions
Sandrine owns a husky that has only one hurry: to flee. Like many dogs of this breed, it is very difficult to avoid running away as they enjoy going to discover new places.

Having spent several days with friends who own a garden, Sandrine decided to buy the Canicom 200 training collar after asking me for an opinion. Indeed, she wanted to find an effective product, inexpensive, and with many levels of stimulation.
Frankly impressed with the results obtained in the education of my dog.

“At home, we have chosen for several years to install an anti-escape fence. It was our only solution to prevent Chana from running away. However, when we leave we cannot bring the fence with us and therefore every stay feels like a real guard.

We are afraid that she will run away and that, not knowing the neighborhoods, she will get lost. The purchase of the Caricom 200 was therefore really necessary.

When we arrived, we made it clear by a voice that she was not allowed to venture beyond the fence and put the Canicom 200 training collar on her. This dog collar is quite light and she was not disturbed by its port.

I was very pleasantly surprised by its autonomy since it was able to keep it for 5 days without having to change the batteries. For safety, however, I recommend that you carry some in case you need to recharge the education collar battery.

Chana tried on three occasions to venture too far. We then successfully triggered the vibration. The announced distance is 200m and the fence was between 150 and 180 meters. We can therefore say that the scope seems respected. She immediately understood the message.

I am therefore fully satisfied with the Canicom 200 First collar, which perfectly meets my expectations. Afterward, for the sake of comfort, I still prefer to have an anti-escape fence at my home so that I can let her go about her business in the garden with a clear conscience. ”

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