Num’axes Canicom 1500 Pro Dog Training Collar For The Hunting Dogs in 2022

TheCanicom 1500 Pro collar benefits from all the expertise of the Num’axes brand and is particularly suitable for hunting dogs who need to run over a long distance. It’s a very large range that makes it a unique necklace on the market and a professional model that defies all competition.

Canicom 1500 Pro Training Collar – The ideal collar for hunting dogs in 2022

Num'axes Canicom 1500 dog training collar, best 5 Num'axes Canicom dog training collars

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  • A considerable range
  • Possible to use it for 4 dogs at the same time
  • Low price for such a range
  • A very large reach
  • A substantial autonomy
  • Remote control works for 4 dogs simultaneously


  • For city dogs or little runners
  • The long range is not useful
  • Not very useful range for small dogs


  • Beep warnings
  • Adjustable electrostatic stimulation: 18 levels
  • “Booster” button in case of emergency

Our opinion on the Canicom 1500

A collar for hounds with a very long range

The particularity of the Canicom 1500 Pro collar isits range of 1500 meters, which allows the dog to move away from you over a long distance in complete safety. You can act on it even when you are far away, and it this very easy to make it come back when you want. This has a very large range making it an ideal collar for hunting dogs, but also for dogs who need to let off steam over a long distance. For others, theCanicom 800is more than enough. No need to worry about this collar: you can be sure that you can always intervene if necessary to bring your dog back. So it’s aperfect anti-runaway collar for that.

Another advantage for hunters is that the Canicom 1500’s remote control works for four dogs at the same time. The remote control is ergonomic, the master has no difficulty juggling between his animals. However, when you buy aCanicom training system, there is only one collar. It will therefore be necessary to obtain the other necklaces.

A modular collar according to your dog’s attitude

With these18 different stimulation levels, this collar really fits your dog. Equipped with asystem of beeps, it avoids having to resort to stimulation: the dog gets used to it and understands when he hears these beeps that he must calm down and come back to you. It is therefore a very good aid in the education of your companion! It simply corrects bad habits. As for its red Booster button, it allows you to react in an emergency, with a simple press of the latter.

An ergonomic, high-end product

You can use the Canicom 1500 collar for the long term, thanks to itsautonomy of 2 months in intensive use / 7 months in the standby state. The remote control, it will continue to work even after 50,000 trips. So you are quiet for a good time! This is another undeniable asset of this necklace.
The latter is alsoadjustable according to the size of your dog: the strap can beadjustedat the neckline between 20 and 50 cm. It is still a rather suitable collar for medium or large dogs.

So there is no risk with the Canicom 1500 collar: it ensures you can call your dog back to you even at a long distances and is particularly reliable and complete. This top-of-the-range model has a price that is certainly a bit high but which is amply justified by its many advantages listed above!

The Canicom 1500 is a training collar that multiplies the positive points. Ideal for hunting or dogs needing physical activity, it is one of the top-of-the-range models to recommend.

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