Dogtra ARC 800 Dog Training Collar in 2022

The Dogtra ARC 800 dog collar is quite close to another model of the same brand: the Dogtra 620 NCP. But it is even more efficient and complete and turns out to be a very design and powerful anti-fugue and recall collar, in particular, due to its long-range. It is the ideal collar for hunting dogs, but also for all other dogs whose training requires a high-quality tool.

Presentation of the Dogtra ARC 800 training collar

Dogtra ARC 800 dog training collar

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  • Range
  • Autonomy
  • Efficiency
  • Design
  • A great reach
  • A training system suitable for small and large dogs
  • 127 levels of stimulation


  • None! We are still looking for them.



  • The maximum range of 800 meters
  • 127 levels of electrostatic stimulation, with a seamless transition between levels.
  • Finely squared transmitter handle for better grip Lithium batteries.

Our opinion on the training collar

A reliable collar with very long range

The Dogtra ARC 800 collar has the particularity of allowing you to recall and control your dog from a long distance, thanks to its maximum range of 800 meters. This long-range allows dogs who like to run a long-distance or to hunt to be able to do it in complete freedom for them, but also in complete safety for you. You know, thanks to the best dog training collar, that you can call your dog back at any time and get him back to you in an instant. The latter can also go in the water with the best dog training collar without any problem since it is waterproof. It is therefore an ideal tool for training a dog without forcing it too much.

Gradual Electrostatic Stimulation Levels

The other advantage of this training collar is that it allows you to go gradually with your dog and really do according to his behavior. Indeed, like other Dogtra training collars, you can choose between 127 levels of stimulation, just that! This allows you to gently warn your dog before ramping up if necessary, but also to gradually lower the intensity of the shocks when your animal understands what is expected of him. Note that you can also choose several different modes and features: flash mode, continuous but also vibration. Adapt the mode according to the urgency, the breed of your dog, and his character. Thanks to this best dog training collar, you can really regulate all his behaviors: make him go where he needs to go, teach him to recall, prevent him from barking …,
This top and best dog collar is also recognized for its exterior appearance and the comfort it brings to your dog. Do weighing only 155g, it is therefore lightweight and fits perfectly to his neck, whatever its size. It is also very discreet as you can see in the photo of the Dogtra 800 collar. Your dog is therefore in no way bothered by the best collar. And you, on your side, the finely squared transmitter handle guarantees a pleasant grip.

A functional necklace, Sold with many accessories

The Dogtra ARC 800 anti-runaway collar is really effective and this is due to the many types of equipment that come with it. Starting with its battery with significant autonomy, which only takes 2-3 hours to fully charge. You are really quiet with it and you can very easily know where this battery is thanks to the LCD screen on the collar and showing you the charge level using three bars. In addition to this battery, you will finally find with the dog training collar various accessories such as the charger for the latter, a double plug cable, a test lamp, belt clips, a very practical case to store your dog’s collar without taking up space. and all that goes with it…, Also note that packs for two dogs can be made available to you, including two transmitters, two receivers but also two cables to be able to easily reconnect them when you return from your dog walks.

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