Canicom 300 Expert Collar – An Anti-Runaway and Anti-Bark Collar in 2022

Canicom 300 Expert Collar is a training collar, It can also be used as an anti-runaway and anti-bark collar,the Canicom 300expertcollaris a complete product, helping in the education of his dog.

The Num’Axes brand has specialized for twenty years in products dedicated to canine behavior and this experience is felt in this particularly effective model.

Canicom 300 Expert training collar – An Anti-Runaway and Anti-Bark Collar in 2022

Num'axes Canicom Expert 300 Dog Training Collar Complete Set, best 5 Num'axes Canicom dog training collars

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  • The reassuring Booster button
  • Ease of use
  • Perfect operation
  • Effective vibration stimulation
  • Waterproof training system
  • A reassuring Booster touch


  • The range remains 300 m
  • Limited scope
  • No beeps


Our opinion on the Canicom 300 Expert collar in 2022

An adaptable collar according to the behavior of your dog

The Canicom 300 expert collar has the particularity of having12 different levels of stimulation, which allows you to really do according to the obedience of your animal.Its vibration system alsomakes it possible to warn the dog that if it does not listen, stimulation will intervene.

Little by little, the dog is supposed to get used to it and the vibration alone is enough for him to understand that he must change his attitude. Unlike the beep, the vibration has the advantage of working on hearing-impaired dogs.
ThisCanicom training collarhelpslimit the barking ofhis dog as well as his whims.

When walking, it guarantees you a quick return of the latter, without having to worry. Vibration at the right level is enough forthe dog to come back to your feet. Any other deviant behavior can be corrected by such a device. It is therefore a good training aid and a reassuring anti-runaway collar.

Especially since the remote control supplied also includes a Booster mode which consists of a button to press in case of danger or in extreme situations. It sends a louder warning to the animal, which causes it a little pain, but if it can avoid an accident …

A fairly average range on the other hand

As its name suggests, the Canicom 300 collar works at a range of300 meters, which limits the movements of the dog, these 300 meters being reached quickly enough for large dogs who love racing. We could have hoped for a longer range, in order to allow the dog to frolic further from you during your walks. For a greater range, we recommend theCanicom 800orCanicom 1500.

Multiple advantages

The strengths of this necklace are numerous. In addition to its effectiveness in dog training, it is easy to use with its remote control equipped with an LCD screen and a Booster button. We have it very quickly!
The autonomy of the collar is also satisfactory, the latter beingrechargeable on the mains.

Its weight of 60g, it makes it a rather light collar, which can adapt to different sizes of dogs. All the more so since its strap, which is also fully washable, is adjustable at theneckline between 20 and 50 cm.

It is also possible to use the same remote control for two dogs, by simply buying a second collar from the same brand, which is very practical when going for walks, when you have several companions to let go and you want to be able to act on them from a distance.

Last advantage but not least: the tightness of the collar as well as of the remote control. Your dog can thus swim in the waterways with this collar around his neck without any problem and on your side, in the event of rain, no risk for the remote control which will continue to operate!

It is therefore a high-performance model that the Num’Axes brand offers with the Canicom 300 expert model, whose only small flaw is its fairly short range. For the rest, it has all the advantages of a high-end model, at a more attractive price.

The Canicom 300 Expert training collar confirms all the good things we think of Numaxes. Working only with vibration, it is ideal for dogs that do not need a long-range.

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