Top 6 Best Dog Training Collars in 2022- Reviews & Comparison

Top 6 Best Dog Training Collars in 2022 – Comparison and Reviews

Unfortunately, a man’s best friend is not always aware of the dangers that surround him. Rollover by a car, and running away in the middle of a walk are real risks. With the training collar, you teach him to pay attention and listen to you.
On this site, you will find a comparison of the best models on the market. There is something for all sizes, all dog training methods, and all budgets.
I took care to test some models and ask friends for their opinions on the others. The list of products is therefore not exhaustive and only includes the products actually tested.

Our Favorite 6 Top and Best Training Collars in 2022


Eyenimal Soft Dog Training Collar

NUM'AXES CANICOM Soft, 3 Best Dog Training Collars of 2020 - Reviews & Comparison

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This dog training collar has four different signals: the beep sound, the light signal, the button for short vibrations, and the button for prolonged vibrations up to 8 seconds. However, unless there is imminent danger to your dog, the first three solutions are sufficient for a good education. Training your dog with prolonged vibrations is not a good idea since it inflicts real pain and can shock him.

Keep them only if he is approaching the road or is aggressive toward someone. The signal range of this battery-operated collar is 200m and its waterproofness allows for water outings with your dog.
The collar is adjustable between 20 and 50 centimeters. As for the LED buttons, they allow use in the evening or in inclement weather.



The test was carried out with a young Malinois shepherd who had the annoying tendency to pull on the leash on each trip and to constantly bark at home. The beeps took a long time to be assimilated so the master used short vibrations, either for recall or for an anti-barking effect.

Under the impulse of the noise, the doggie was very receptive and from now on, the owner can walk him without a leash without fear that he will make a frantic race on the road. Even better, he started practicing a dog sport by combining it with positive reinforcement (dog treats are given when he obeys). For the education of the puppy, we advise you to always start with the sound signal (ultra painless sound) of this adjustable collar, rather than the electric shock or the vibration.

However, the signal distance of 200 meters is limiting for outdoor trips. Therefore, it may be useful to acquire a collar with a longer range like the Canicom 800 if you own a dog of such a breed or to use it as an anti-runaway dog. The light signal is a very valuable feature to spot the dog during outings to ensure that it is not too far away and without having to resort to a vibration.


  • Effective light signal
  • A wide range of functionality


  • A limited effective distane

The Numaxes Canicom 800 Training Collar


Num'axes Canicom 800 dog training collar, 6 Best dog Training Collars of 2020

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The Canicom brand produced by Num’Axes is a major player in the dog training market. Its Canicom 800 model has a very long operating distance. You have 800 meters to warn your dog. It might sound like a lot, but for hunting dogs or big runners, this is a regular ride. By the way, for many masters, this is a minimum range to use as a booster collar. As with most dog collars, the model is waterproof. It works with batteries, supplied in the box.

This training collar offers fifteen levels of stimulation. It is enormous, Besides, you will probably never reach levels above 10 unless your companion is the most stubborn on the planet and not very receptive. Always start with the lowest levels of stimulation to find the one that works wonderfully, between following the orders of the dog trainer and the absence of pain for the animal.

Side gri-gri, know that the LCD screen is backlit. This feature is very handy for fall or late afternoon outings. You will no longer have to take out the lamp to see the screen and make sure that the set intensity or the battery level of the Canicom 800 collar is correct.

My review of the Canicom 800

The product was used with a husky, who was particularly stubborn and known to be a runaway dog, who did not even listen to the trainer during dog training lessons. Not particularly fond of keeping my animals on a leash when they are in a hurry, to exert themselves, I had to release them each time only in places with an anti-runaway fence despite several training courses. And even then, I was never safe from jumping over the fence for a little runaway.

Thanks to the collar, he now listens to me perfectly and I can take off his harness without fear. He can now run freely in the fields near my house. It responds very well to sound and I have only used the stimuli to make myself obey a few times for use as an anti-runaway collar. Most of the time, it was about stopping a run after a rabbit or a deer, other times, it was more about spotting to remind the dog that had left out of my sight.

The fifteen levels are a luxury, rather than stand out. Indeed, the first modes are largely sufficient to convey the desired message to your animal.
As the collar is quite large, I recommend it only for medium to large dogs such as a German Shepherd, Labrador, Golden Retriever, or Large Terrier dog.

If you have a Jack Russel or a beagle, I advise you to choose another model that will allow him to have it around his neck without feeling any discomfort. Small flat, we regret the absence of other modes than the vibrator such as lemongrass or odorless spray, very effective for certain breeds of dog such as the French bulldog or the chihuahua, ultrasound, or electric shock. When you order the collar in your online pet store, remember to buy batteries to be able to charge the remote control.


  • Beep warnings
  • Adjustable electrostatic stimulation: 15 levels
  • “Booster” button in case of emergency


  • Efficient quickly
  • Very long-range
  • Waterproof
  • Works at a long distance
  • Good Screen quality
  • A very large reach
  • Relatively simple use of the collar
  • A training system that works for two dogs (if purchasing an additional Canicom Expert collar)


  • No recharging via mains
  • No sound or electrostatic mode
  • 15 s
  • A bit big for small dogs


Petsafe Elite Dog Training Collar

As its name suggests, the Elite has an honorable range of 1000 yards. There are 15 of them, the static stimulation is ergonomic and the change between the levels allows a real rise in power. There are also two “boost” keys for emergency situations.

The training collar is rechargeable. Allow 3 to 4 hours of charge for a use of several days. Completely waterproof, the product is light and does not disturb the animal in any way.

For the master, the LCD screen ensures quick visibility of the chosen model. It really is a great training collar.

The only downside is that it is suitable for dogs weighing 3.6 to 18 kg. If you have a large dog, take the SportDog at the start of this page instead.


  • Quality collar
  • Well-dosed stimulation
  • Fast charging
  • Readable screen


  • Only for dogs under 18 kg



Zogin Top-Newest Training Collar (The First Quality Inexpensive Training Collar)

Top-Newest Electric Dog Training Collars, 3 Best Dog Training Collars of 2020 - Reviews & Comparison


In the dog market, there are many suppliers with low-quality products. The training collar is also affected by this scourge. With all the tests performed for this site, dozens of models have been tried out by different masters. And all are unanimous: quality has a price. This Top-Newest Zogin necklace is therefore not perfect, but it is of an acceptable quality compared to the competition and the budget. If unfortunately you are having obedience issues with your pet and don’t have the budget for a high-quality training collar, Top-Newest Zogin is still a useful aid in training your dog.

Main Features of this Top-Newest Zogin Collar

The model is suitable for all animals. The collar is adjustable between 35 and 55 cm, which is ideal for all dog sizes. The collar has 100 levels of vibration and static shock. Obviously, they are to be adapted to the morphology and character of your dog.

However, it is highly likely, hopefully, that you won’t go beyond the first seventy. It should be noted that for a collar of this price, the differences between levels are well managed, admittedly less than a Dogtra training collar, which is practical for coherent dog training without the help of a behaviorist.

The system can be used with two clamps. If you have more than one dog, this will save you the trouble of juggling various remotes to activate stimulation and save you the inherent mistakes of sending a vibration to a dog that has not done anything forbidden.
This model is recharged via an electrical outlet, not with batteries.

It has an energy-saving function, that is to say, as soon as you do not use it for several minutes, it goes to sleep. However, even in this mode, the training collar activates with any movement. It can be worn in wet weather, but it is not water-resistant. Therefore, remove it if it rains or you take your dog for a swim. In some rainy areas, it is therefore recommended to take a waterproof dog training collar.

The range displayed by the manufacturer is 300 meters. But, for a distance greater than 150 meters, we recommend that you opt for a model a little higher in terms of quality. Indeed, we had the impression that electrostatic stimuli did not always work at long distances. For a dog barking next to you, that’s enough.

My opinion on the Top-Newest Zogin model

The test was carried out with a basset weighing about twenty kilos during outings in the countryside. Following significant weight gain, the vet had advised outings to avoid problems with his spine. But, never having been used to being released from his leash, he never responded to the recall.

The vibrations were unfortunately not effective enough, unlike other products. Afterward, as this is a stubborn breed, it is quite possible that they would have worked to train a more docile dog. On the other hand, the static shock mode works wonderfully. The shock of the electric collar being quite hard, a level of 5 out of 100 is more than enough for a dog with his character.

The big catch with this dog collar is the remote control. After a few minutes of non-use, it disconnects. Thanks to this, the battery lasts a long time, but imagine, if the vibration is required immediately. Out of habit, I now regularly press on the light to wake up the remote control and anticipate possible signals. With experience, you will soon notice any risky situations for your dog or behavioral problems that need to be corrected.



  • Correct assembly
  • Reasonable price


  • Not waterproof
  • Inefficient vibrations
  • Remote control disconnections



The Petainer PET998DRB2 Dog Training Collar

Petrainer PET998DRB2, 3 Best Dog Training Collars of 2020 - Reviews & Comparison

Are you one of those people who only believe what they see? Try on this education necklace…

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The collar is sold at mid-range prices and advertises a huge range of 1000 meters. In reality, it has never operated with a distance greater than 400 meters. Suffice it to say that I quickly learned not to trust the manufacturer and to call the dog back after a too-long race. To avoid leaks, it is better to use another model or an anti-escape fence.

Other problems. The instructions are not delivered in French. This lack is understandable for products bought by mail orders abroad or from the entry level, but for that price, I find it very damaging. Worse still, the booster collar was deactivated during the outing with my Springer Spaniel. Fortunately, my screams were enough this time around for him to stop. By consulting various forums, I realized that this concern had been experienced by several other masters during training sessions.

So in short, a product with lots of flaws. Go your way and choose another model. Even to use it as an electric bark collar to calm unwanted howls, we prefer another model. For hunting, it is not even worth thinking about this collar and even trying to just control your dog’s diet. In this case, choose a kibble distributor, it will be more efficient.


  • No shock need to use
  • Suitable for stubborn dogs
  • Remote controller clips
  • Light setting on both the collar and remote to test and make sure each is working.


  • Shock setting goes up way too high
  • No separate button for a lock, only one button for all settings.


Petsafe Sportdog SportTrainer Collar

Petsafe Sportdog SportTrainer, 3 Best Dog Training Collars of 2020 - Reviews & Comparison

The SportTrainer dog collar is a great success. Efficiency at the rendezvous and mind-blowing operating distance.

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  • The enormous range
  • Formidable efficiency
  • Great autonomy
  • Efficient
  • Excellent battery life
  • No-frills
  • Light remote control
  • None

This dog collar has an excellent quality/price ratio and stands out from the entry-level products which often end up out of stock after a month of use. Designed by SportDog, a brand specializing in dog training, especially for hunting dogs, it meets all the criteria that are sought in a training collar.

The collar offers seven different levels of stimulation, either momentary or continuous, and is battery-operated. Note that the product is waterproof up to 7 meters, so you can decide to take your dog to the lake or to the sea for fun. Also, it will be a good test to see if the dog, in great excitement, listens to your commands or not.

The training system operates up to a 450 m range. You, therefore, have the option of letting your dog run a bit before giving him the reminder.

My review of the Petsafe Sportdog SportTrainer

The collar was used with a Springer Spaniel who had a bad habit of sprinting as soon as he sniffed the scent of the game or smelled that of a congener. As practical as it is during a hunting party, as much as a family outing, it posed problems, especially when I ended up taking two hours to find it!

What I like most about the Petsafe training collars is their effectiveness. In the past, I had bought a small model at 25 € totally inoperative which quickly found itself broken. In addition, dog training was very difficult since the level of the intensities was badly calculated. In just a few trips, my Springer understood the meaning of the sound warnings or the vibrations without going beyond the third level. If this is your first training collar, I recommend that you read the instructions carefully to collect some useful tips.

The battery has remarkable autonomy. The charging time, a bit too high for my taste, of two hours takes more than a week due to very frequent use (between 5 and 10 hours per day). I can imagine you don’t need such frequent wearing, so the Petsafe 450 m range Collar battery can last for several weeks. Not to mention that the weight of the remote control is quite low.

So I can hold it without a problem when I go for a bike ride with the dog. This SportDog collar has been at the top of training collars for several years and it continues in 2020. Trust a safe bet to train animals! In addition, the characteristics of the collar make it suitable for both large and small dogs.


How to choose your training collar in 2022?

You hesitate between several training collars and do not know which model to choose. Let’s take a look at the criteria that really matter in choosing the right training collar.

The type of dogs

When you click on any of the previous links and come across the training collar listing, you will see that manufacturers often make distinctions between small, medium, and large dogs.

It is quite logical. You can easily guess that you can not stop barking at a 50 kg dog with the same intensity as that of a small 6 kg poodle.

two dogs, 3 Best Dog Training Collars of 2020 - Reviews & Comparison.PNG
Large or small dog, the training collar is not the same!

Therefore, when you have to choose a training collar, always check that it is intended for a size similar to that of your pooch.

The type of intensities

There is a nice variety of different stimulation and intensity on a training collar.

The most frequent modes of stimulation are:

  • Electrostatic shocks
  • Vibrations
  • Beeps
  • The spray jets

Shock is very effective, but can be painful, while spray collars are painless but not work with all characters.

See according to your animal (its personality, its strength…) to decide on the mode which appears most appropriate to you. By reading our reviews of the different training collars, you will understand that the best models on the market, the ones we recommend, often have several modes available.

It is a great idea to go on these products. Indeed, many owners like to use shocks or vibrations to punish or warn the dog when acquiring the training collar. Then, once the dog understands how it works, it will react positively to the beeps, making physical punishment unnecessary.

In this video, you can see a dog respond positively to the use of a vibrating training collar (and therefore without electrostatic shock).


The scope

The range of a training collar is the maximum distance a remote control held by the handler can send a signal to the collar worn by the dog around its neck.

On our site, you will find many different litters. Training collars that are inexpensive or intended for smaller dogs sometimes have a range of 100 yards or less. The number is low compared to the other litters featured, but if you think about it there are plenty of dogs who never stray further from their master.

However, we often recommend a range of around 300 and 400 meters. This allows you to let your dog run free and watch him run. If he commits a forbidden act or no longer listens to you, you can use the training collar despite the distance.

The higher litters are often for hunting dogs that go out into the wild on their own, or for dogs that go out without a leash and go out to visit the surroundings without their master.

The brand of the necklace

The training collar is a fashionable dog accessory. You find it under many different names: education collar, anti-runaway collar and some also take it for an anti-bark collar.

In reality, the training collar, unlike the last two names, is not an accessory that works on its own. It is the master who decides whether or not to send the stimulation using the remote control.

But, not all tools are created equal. Among the brands, Canicom, Sportdog, and Petsafe stand out as the three leaders in the mid-range training collars market. If you are on a budget, head to these three manufacturers and you will be fully satisfied with the hardware.

If you have more budget, Dogtra, a brand loved by hunters, offers exemplary performance. Finally, some masters like Garmin. Garmin collars always have an efficient GPS option. This can be useful to find a dog …

On the other hand, once you get out of these training collar manufacturers, the quality is plummeting. We strongly advise against taking unknown brands. You risk receiving an object with poorly dosed intensities and ranges far from those advertised.


A training collar has no wires and works with a battery. It is therefore important to choose an education collar for your dog that is consistent with your needs.

If you use the collar once a week for an hour-long walk, the question does not arise because any education accessory will have sufficient battery life. But, if you want a collar for 40 hours of use during a weekend at the campsite, the choice is reduced.

Don’t hesitate to consider purchasing a second battery for your training collar.

The ergonomics of the remote control

Point too often ignored by masters: the practicality of the remote control. To judge, take a close-up of the remote controls on the description sheets of the training collars.

The idea is to get a little heavy remote with a few buttons in key areas. We like having two for setting the intensities and a third for choosing the stimulation mode.

Likewise, a few additions such as a wrist strap to better hold the remote control in your hand or a battery indicator to indicate the charge level of the training collar are never too much.

What do vets think of training collars?

Many people judge dressage collars without knowing them or confuse everything. To be sure, we asked several veterinarians questions.

vet with a dog, 3 Best Dog Training Collars of 2020 - Reviews & Comparison.PNG
As veterinarians repeat, the training collar can be positive, but only if the owner uses it correctly.

Vets are not against the training collar. Some even recognize that these canine accessories can be beneficial. They can prevent runaways, aggressive dog reactions, and many other daily worries.

In order for the training collar to be good for the dog, all are unanimous on three things:

  • The training collar does not educate the dog alone;
  • The effectiveness and recommendation strongly depend on the quality of the collar chosen;
  • Electrostatic shocks are a bad idea and the vibrations sent should be consistent with the animal’s build.

In addition, we add that many dogs have seen behavioral problems quickly resolved with intelligent and moderate use of the training collar. In this case, this tool can save you hassle and hours at the dog trainer.

But, this is only possible by using the training collar well and comes in addition to a classic education

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