5 Best Canicom E-Training Collars For Dogs in 2022 – Anti Runaway Collar

Canicom Training Collar – Anti Runaway – Electric Collars in 2022

The Company Specializing in dogs: Canicom

For twenty years, Num’Axes has surrounded itself with specialists to offer you high-quality dog ​​products. The fame of Numaxes (you will also find this spelling on the net) goes much further than France since almost half of its turnover is achieved outside France. To further increase its exports, Num’Axes bought Eyenimal in 2010, then created a branch in New York a few years later to further attract the masters of North America.

It markets a whole range of solutions for training pets, tools for training and combating bad behavior, and equipment for outdoor activities.

The Canicom 300 Expert Dog Training Collar

Num'axes Canicom Expert 300 Dog Training Collar Complete Set, best 5 Num'axes Canicom dog training collarsThis Numaxes trainingcollar is a great find. On the menu, a host of well-thought-out tools and easy to use.

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  • The reassuring Booster button
  • Ease of use
  • Perfect operation


  • The range remains 300 m

The features of the Anti-bark collar Canicom 300 expert

This educational necklace Canicom 300 Expert offers 12 levels of stimulation and a vibrating system to warn your dog from danger. In addition, there is a Booster key in extreme situations. The collar is waterproof in the event of immersion and the remote control resists runoff, a handy feature in rainy weather. The collar is recharged by the sector. Regarding the range, it is 300 meters.

My opinion on the dog collar

Without being exceptional, especially given the distances promised by competitors like Petsafe, the range of 300 meters is more appreciable than its cousin the Canicom 200 First.

Efficiency is once again at the rendezvous. Tested on a Fox Terrier, it quickly proved to be a perfect alternative to the bark collar. From now on, a vibration causes him to stop his barking and he no longer goes on each dog that he crosses. So I hardly use the stimuli. I also did the test with a second dog, buying an additional collar, and it works wonderfully. Note that most collars can work with more than one dog.

The Booster key, for its part, provides real comfort. In the event of imminent danger, we know that a quick press of the button can save the dog and that, unlike other models, it will not be necessary to search for ten seconds for the button on the remote control. Safe, it represents the simplicity of use of this model.

The Canicom 300 Expert is therefore a very effective dog training collar. You can’t go wrong choosing it.

The Canicom 800 Dog Training Collar

Num'axes Canicom 800 training collar, 5 Best Canicom Training CollarsWith 800 meters of range, the Canicom 800 is an excellent model that will delight owners of medium and large dogs.

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  • Efficient quickly
  • Very long-range
  • Waterproof


  • No recharging via mains

The characteristics of the Canicom 800 dog collar

This Canicom training collar has, as its name suggests, a range of 800 meters. Black in color, the system weighs 240 grams. This weight is therefore very light for all medium and large dogs. For less robust dogs, it may be better to favor a less heavy model.

The collar has several stimuli: the beep sound or the electrical stimulation. Note that it is completely waterproof and you can therefore use it at the beach or near a pond. It is not rechargeable but works with batteries. When purchasing the Canicom collar, remember to take compatible spare batteries.

My opinion on the Canicom 800 dog collar

The training collar has been tested on a German Shepherd. The dog walked very well in the presence of the master, but as soon as he was alone, he fled to see the neighbor’s dogs, little Yorkshires who began to howl in fear.

The anti-runaway fence was an alternative, but the shape and material of the garden (concrete) prevented burying the wire. So I stayed in the living room, put the necklace around Gipsy’s neck, and waited for her to leave to send stimulation. After two attempts, she seemed to understand the message. Since then, even in my absence, she has not tried to leave again.

In addition, this training collar allows me to make very large ballads. With 800 meters of range, I can let it run very far in the fields. I appreciated, in addition to its formidable efficiency, the presence of beeps. I no longer have to activate an electrical stimulation, and the beep works wonderfully on Gipsy.

As the dog’s education was made easier and the collar was waterproof, I was also able to test the equipment Canicom 800 in the Channel. Its tightness is true. If I had to put it down, it would be battery-operated. I prefer recharging from the mains. However, every downside has its advantage. You can go camping with spare batteries and the Num’Axes collar will work continuously.

The Canicom 200 First Dog Training Collar

NUM'AXES CANICOM 200, best CANICOM dog training collars

The Canicom 200 First is a powerful collar for training a dog. However, a few shortcomings prevent an entirely positive opinion. Explanations.

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  • Works wonderfully
  • Long battery life
  • Lightweight collar
  • Remote control


  • Range is too low for some outings

The characteristics of this dog training collar

This dog collar from the Num’Axes brand is when we see its different characteristics, intended for little adventurers. Indeed, the signal range is limited to 200 meters. To warn the dog of inappropriate behavior or to teach him to recall, the collar has audible warnings and 5 adjustable electrostatic stimulation levels.

The remote control and the collar work with batteries, but the manufacturer announces excellent autonomy: 7 months of standby and 2 months of intensive use. The necklace is very light, barely 75 grams, and has a circumference ranging from 20 to 50 centimeters.

My opinion on the Num’Axes anti-runaway collar

The Canicom 200 First training collarhas been tested with a young twirling Jack Russel! As much as this propensity for fun is appreciated by children, it became dangerous during outings close to the road. To avoid having to pull on the leash every ten seconds to avoid an accident, the anti-runaway collar was particularly effective.

After having used the stimulations several times, he now listens with the beeps. I only need to activate it when he pulls the leash a little too much for him to listen to me. Of the five levels offered, only two needed to be heard. I am therefore satisfied with it.

The lightness of the collar and the remote control is appreciable for the owner as for the dog. The remote control in the hand or slipped into the pocket quickly became a habit.

Now there are negatives as well. The range is very limited. For use in an urban environment, it is still sufficient for nature walks, it is far too little. The announced autonomy is a little less than two months (6 weeks in my case) without being used 8 hours a day. This duration is still more than correct.

The Canicom 300 Dog Training Collar

Num'axes Canicom 300 training collar, best 5 Num'axes Canicom dog training collars

Like the expert model, the Canicom 300 seduces with its efficiency and autonomy. However, we regret the lack of important features.

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  • The dog assimilates stimuli very quickly


  • Electric collar (no vibrations)
    Low range

The characteristics of the necklace from the brand Numaxes

This model is the little brother of the expert necklace. Just like him, the remote control allows a warning up to 300 meters. It has sound warnings and 12 levels of electrostatic stimulation and two modes. Either the “flash” mode for sudden stimulation or the “continuous” mode for stimulation lasting several seconds.

The Canicom 300 works with batteries. They provide substantial autonomy: 7 months on standby and 2 months in the event of regular use (several hours each day), ie 30,000 trips. A small indicator tells you the battery level and will prevent you from noticing when you are outgoing that your dog cannot be called back using the remote control …

My opinion on the Canicom training collar

The Canicom 300 was carried out on a French bulldog who was particularly jealous, even aggressive as soon as another pet approached his mistress. Like all Num ‘Axes products, the signal goes smoothly. The dog associates very quickly that the electrostatic stimulation or the beep sound signifies inappropriate behavior.

However, it lacks the intermediate, yet often offered on other models: vibration. Here it is either the noise or the electric collar. Personally, I appreciate using vibration for its less violent side.

The range is also quite low, but sufficient for many breeds. Positive point, not very objective, but the teacher asked me to point out the colors. Yellow and black, it stands out thanks to these showy colors.

The Canicom 1500 m Dog Training Collar

Num'axes Canicom 1500 dog training collar, best 5 Num'axes Canicom dog training collars

A product loved by hunters, the Canicom 1500 training collar has enormous reach. It is a great asset for outings in nature.


  • A considerable range
  • Possible to use it for 4 dogs at the same time
  • Low price for such a range


  • For city dogs or little runners
  • The long range is not useful

The characteristics of the 1500 m training collar

This collar from the Numaxes brand is made for hounds since it offers a range of 1,500 meters. It has 18 levels of stimulation to warn the dog or make him react to orders. Completely waterproof, the dog can go in the water with his collar without a problem. There are also beeps, very useful if you do not want to send stimulation but a simple educational reminder.

The remote control can be used with 4 different necklaces. This, therefore, makes it a perfect tool to go hunting.

My opinion on the training collar

We tested the Canicom 1500 pro training collarduring a woodcock hunting party. This one perfectly met our expectations. Indeed, the two dogs were able to run far away since the Canicom 1500 stimulations work perfectly at the indicated distance.

To be able to use it on two dogs, we bought an additional collar. Very light, they do not interfere with the animals during their races. It is really a treat to be able to go out with such quality dog ​​training material.

The price is quite high, but considering the large range, this is a very good price. In addition, the Canicom brand is renowned for the quality of its products.

Obviously, the Canicom 1500pro is not very useful for dogs living in the city center since they will never go such a distance. Despite everything, it is better always to plan wider than to take a collar with a short-range and then to fear at any time that the dog is too far away to receive the training instructions from the master.

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