The Top 7 Best GPS Dog Collars and Trackers in 2022

Did you know that approximately1 in 3 dogs is lost in their lifetime? The dog is anatural hunter, explorer, and curious animal. So it is not uncommon for our dogs to venture out of our fences, whether to follow a tempting scent or out of simple curiosity.

Each year,we deplorenumerous disappearances, accidents, or even theft of dogs which sometimes harshly endure the whole house. To put an end to this type of problem,GPS for dogsis revolutionizing the lives of owners. We have selected and compared the best GPS collars of the moment for you. Good reading!

Is the GPS dog collar: really useful?

Yes, yes, and yes. At first glance seemingly “gadgets”, GPS dog collars are a modern way to always keep an eye on a doggie. Owners often underestimate the risk of a dog getting lost or running away, yet one in three dogs go missing or get lost.

GPS for dogs is easy to use, inexpensive accessories that can make a big difference at critical moments in a dog’s life. Don’t be shy and step into the 21st century with your dog 😉

Images of GPS Trackers for dogs:➝Weenect Dogs 2, The 10 Best GPS Dog Collars and Trackers of 2020PetFon Pet GPS Tracker,The 10 Best GPS Dog Collars and Trackers of 2020Localiz Lookat, The 10 Best GPS Dog Collars and Trackers of 2020Kippy Evo GPS Collar, The 10 Best GPS Dog Collars and Trackers of 2020
Model of GPS Trackers: ➝Weenect Dogs 2PetFon Pet GPS TrackerLocaliz LookatKippy Evo GPS Collar
Maximum Autonomy: ➝♥ 6 days♥ 5 Days♥ 5 Days♥ 7 days
Sealing: ➝♥ Waterproof♥ Waterproof♥ Waterproof♥ Waterproof
Subscription:➝♥ €3.50 = $4.14♥ No subscription or monthly fees♥ Prepaid♥ €5 = $5.92
GPS accuracy:➝♥ Very Good♥ Very Good♥ Good♥ Average
Description:➝♥ The Best GPS for dogs!

♥ No distance limit
Ring & vibrate function

♥ Subscription from €3.50 = $4.14 / month
♥ The Best Dog GPS Tracker for money

♥ GPS range remains very interesting compared to other similar devices

♥ Best combination of GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and other long-distance wireless networks and allows real-time location with a good level of precision.

♥ No Subscription & monthly Fees
♥ Seen in the TF1 show (The Secret Life of Cats) GPS

♥ Ringtone function

♥ Without subscription
(prepaid card)
♥ Kippy New version

♥ No distance limit

♥ LED signaling function

♥ €4 = $4.73 / month
Our Ratings: ➝[rating stars="4.8"][rating stars="4.6"][rating stars="4.7"][rating stars="4.4"]
Details & Price:➝
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Images of GPS Trackers for dogs:➝Invoxia - Pet Tracker, The 10 Best GPS Dog Collars and Trackers of 2020IKATI Tractive GPS brown colour, The 10 Best GPS Dog Collars and Trackers of 2020TK STAR GPS dog tracker, colour, The 10 Best GPS Dog Collars and Trackers of 2020
Model of GPS Trackers: ➝Invoxia Pet TrackerIKATI Tractive GPS brown colourTK STAR GPS DOG TRACKER
Maximum Autonomy: ➝♥ 4 days♥ 5 Days♥ 6 Days
Sealing: ➝♥ Waterproof♥ Waterproof♥ Waterproof
Subscription:➝♥ 3 Years included♥ €3.50 = $4.44♥ No Subscription Fees
GPS accuracy:➝♥ Average♥ Average♥ up to 16-32ft(5-10 m
Description:➝♥ GPS subscription included

♥ No distance limit

♥ Subscription included for 3 years
♥ Good value for money

♥ Ringtone function

♥ Average accuracy

♥ Subscription from € 3,50 = $4.44 /month
♥ Good Investment

♥ Long Standby Time

♥ Tracking in real-time over the phone APP

♥ Alarm Information

♥ Shockproof
Our Ratings: ➝[rating stars="4.3"][rating stars="4.5"][rating stars="4.6"]
Details & Price:➝
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Weenect Dogs 2 – The world’s smallest GPS tracker for dogs

The 10 Best GPS Dog Collars and Trackers of 2020

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GPS hardware part:

The French leader in the GPS solution is back with version 2 of its Weenect Dogs. Offered this time in apple green color,the Weenect Dogs 2 dog GPS is as precise as its predecessor and displays the same reliability. If its dimensions do not change from the previous version (2.3 x 1 x 5.8 cm), the brand takes the opportunity to review its copy on the autonomy of the beacon, on the rise naturally.

No modification on the side of the design of the GPS either: it is always enough to press the single button fitted to the box to turn it on or off, and the device still offers an LED-type display to notify the good signal reception.

The GPS collar is always offeredwaterproof, practical for winter outings or water-loving dogs, and fits into a silicone case designed for perfect protection. House bonus: it is possible to replace the latter when the time has worn it out too much (via the Weenect site).

Weenect Dogs 2 GPS dog collar: Product Overall Ratings

Overall Rating[rating stars=”4.8″]
Precision[rating stars=”5.0″]
Features[rating stars=”5.0″]
Weight[rating stars=”5.0″]
Resistance[rating stars=”5.0″]


The best seller for a good reason: undoubtedly the best dog GPS in our comparison


  • Accurate GPS signal
  • One of the lightest
  • Top reliability
  • Ergonomic application
  • Ring / vibrate / call functions
  • Recharge in just 2 hours
  • Waterproof


  • Autonomy could be improved

The Weenect 2 dog GPS now offers the eagerly awaited buzzer/vibrator function, Very practical for perfecting your dog’s training as best dog training collars and getting him home on time at the time of the bowl. Finally, the call function allows you to communicate with your dog to give him orders. It remains to be seen if the latter will obey you! Finally, let’s come back to the autonomy – very good – since by default the GPS is set to update the location of your dog every 10 minutes, offering in this configuration approximately 70 hours of autonomy.

As this setting may not be suitable for all contexts, it is naturally possible to adjust it more finely via the smartphone application. Note that it is also possibleto deactivate the GPS tracker to keep only the ringing and vibrating modes, thus extending the autonomy up to approximately 8 days. The good news in terms of recharging since it will take only two short hours to fully recharge the battery.

Software part:

The Weenect app is alwaysavailable forfreefor iOS and Android smartphones.After many updates, the latter is now a true model of reliability.Easy to use even for the less tech-savvy, it is nevertheless full of options and well-thought-out functions that we will take pleasure in discovering gradually.Among these functions, we can mention in particular the possibility of definingvirtual barriersin the application,

triggering an alert on your phone each time your dog crosses it, orthe tracking of movementsdisplaying a lot of interesting information and allowing you to reconstitute the route of your dog in the smallest details (distance, speed, etc.)

There is also some useful general information in the app: The strength of the GPS signal from the beacon, The distance between you and your dog, the number and email address for notifications and alerts, etc. The system is still based on an international SIM card (supplied) coupled with a cheap subscription always offered according to the following 3 formulas:

  • $ 09.32 / € 7.90 permonthwithout commitment.
  • $ 70.80 / € 60.00 € for 1 year (i.e. 5.0 euros per month) (i.e. 5.90 dollars per month)
  • $ 100.00 / € 85.00 € for 2 years (i.e. 3.50 euros per month) (i.e. 4.16 dollars per month)

In conclusion, the Weenect and undoubtedly to datethe best value for money on the market for GPS collars for dogs: reliability, top application, and the possibility of opting for a non-binding formula must convince you to let yourself be tempted.

Petfon GPS Collar
PetFon Pet GPS Tracker,The 10 Best GPS Dog Collars and Trackers of 2020

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New to the dog GPS tracker market, the Petfon GPS collar is a small device specially designed to free your animal from its leash and to be able to follow its dog during walks, in complete safety.

Based on the model of theGPS collar for dogs without a subscription, Petfon will surely find on its customers thanks to a clever formula where one finds an interesting range, very good autonomy, innovative features, and competitive price.

GPS hardware parts:

The Petron Gps collar for dogs comes in the form of a small 42x42x18 mm medallion sold in its case and accompanied by a second medallion that serves as a controller. With a weight of only 27.6g, it will be particularly comfortable for the dog and can be carried by almost any doggie.

Complying with the IP67 standard, the Petfon is a drip-proof and dust-resistant dog tracker. It can therefore be used outdoors in bad weather (rain or snow) and its operation will not be altered if the animal rolls in the mud or in the earth. However, it is not designed for swimming.

The Petfon has an autonomy of 8 hours in intensive use, which is not bad at all. In addition to that, it is sold with a charging station that offers up to 3 additional charges for the device. It’s super practical, for example, if you want to go on weekends with your dog.

One of the great things about the Petfon dog is that it is asubscription-free dog GPS collar and works with no monthly fees. Its price is, therefore, higher to buy compared to other animal trackers, but its price quickly pays for the user. Without a sim card, it works thanks to the combination of GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and other long-distance wireless networks and allowsreal-time locationwith a good level of precision.

Designed primarily for outdoor use for walks, the Petfon will not allow optimal remote monitoring of an animal that is outside from inside a house. In addition, the Petfon Dog Gps offers a range that, due to its operation without a sim card, remains limited.

However, we can say that thisrange remains very interesting compared to other similar devices. Thus, it guarantees the user optimal operation up to 5.5 km in an open area. In town or on wooded or hilly terrain, the range will be approximately 1 km. What to get rid of his dog on a leash in peace!

Petfon GPS Collar: Product Overall Ratings

Overall Rating[rating stars=”4.6″]
Precision[rating stars=”5.0″]
Features[rating stars=”4.5″]
Weight[rating stars=”4.5″]
Resistance[rating stars=”4.5″]


Another favorite is the Petfon GPS dog tracker: a collar specially designed to walk your dog in large areas in complete safety. No subscription, no monthly payments, and yet an impressive range, great autonomy, and multiple features: all combine to place Petfon among the greats in the field of pet tracking.


  • No subscription or monthly payments
  • Good autonomy
  • Compact charging station included (up to three charges!)
  • Good range
  • Remote collar lighting
  • remote voice calls
  • Comfortable


  • Non-unlimited scope

Software Parts:

When it comes to features and applications, the Petfon Dog Gps Collar does not disappoint. We find here the basic tools that we expect from aGPS tracker for pets which will be added to other possibilities and gadgets available to the user.

The Petfon, therefore,allows of course to follow the movements of his dog in real-time and with an interesting range. Note that it is possible with the same controller to track 3 different dogs simultaneously (which of course implies the purchase ofadditional medallions ). You can then consult a follow-up of the activity of your animals, thanks to the reports included in the application.

As most GPS dog trackers do, Petfon offers the user the possibility of setting up a virtual fencearound their animal. Less common, it is also possible here to define a perimeter ”danger zone” in which the dog must not go. In all cases, crossing these virtual limits will generate an alarm to warn the user.

The Petfon GPS Tracker Collar has also been equipped with other practical and valuable features. A system of colored lights that can beactivated remotely,for example, will allow the owner of the dog to be able to find his companion very easily in the dark.

Also, to remind his dog if he gets too far away, the Petfon medallion includes speakers and an internal memory system on which you canstore voice announcementsrecorded by the user himself. This also allows you to be able to communicate with your dog at a distance, even in a noisy environment, since the power of the sound can reach 70 decibels.

Localiz Lookat GPS TrackerLocaliz Lookat, The 10 Best GPS Dog Collars and Trackers of 2020

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Hardware part

The GPS Localiz Lookats‘was recently demonstrated and has been used in the issuance of TF1” The Secret Life of Cats ‘ season 2. Lightweight Relatively with 28 grams on the scale, the Lookat display’s dimensions of 5.5 x 3.8 x 1.5cm. Its dimensions willperfectlysuitdogs of all sizes.

With an excellent quality finish, the Lookat dog GPS is completely waterproof and is also equipped with a non-slip silicone fixing system.

Announcing anautonomy of 5 days, closer to 3 or 4 in reality, the Lookat does neither better nor worse than the competition. On the other hand, Localiz stands out by offering here a GPS for dogs without a subscription! Indeed, the company preferred to opt for a recharging system reminiscent of the prepaid cards of yesteryear on cell phones.

Embedding one year of prepaid use upon purchase, it will then be possible to purchase annual top-ups for only € 19.90. If the Localiz Lookat is one of the most expensive to buy, the low cost of its recharges makes it one of the cheapest dog GPS to use.

The application:

The Mylocaliz application is available for free on various stores for smartphones (iOS and Android) and also accessible on PC. Relatively poor in functionality, however, the application makes it possible tomonitor one’s dog in real-time, gives access to the history of the animal’s positions, and still allows a virtual barrier to be defined.

Good point, however, the accuracy of the GPS signal is good but above all, it is possible to configure the GPS tag to update the dog’s positionevery 10 seconds, which is much better than the competition! On the other hand, the battery life will suffer greatly.

Finally, it should be noted that in case of problems with your GPS, Localiz customer service is available 6 days a week by phone and 7 days a week by email. Hands down one of the best options in 2020!

Lokaliz Lookat GPS Collar: Product Overall Rating:

Overall Rating[rating stars=”4.7″]
Precision[rating stars=”4.5″]
Features[rating stars=”4.7″]
Weight[rating stars=”4.3″]
Resistance[rating stars=”4.6″]


If you are looking for a GPS for dogs (or cats) without a subscription the Lookat is your best (and only) option. With good battery life and decent precision, the Lookat is an excellent choice.


  • Good precision
  • GPS No subscription (prepaid)
  • Waterproof


  • Slightly high price to purchase
  • A bulky box

Kippy Evo GPS Collar
Kippy Evo GPS Collar, The 10 Best GPS Dog Collars and Trackers of 2020

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The Kippy Evo is thenew GPS tracker for dogs from Kippy. After mixed feedback from users about the previous version, the Kippy VITA GPS, the brand has reviewed its copy in-depth and today presents us with a model with many advantages!

GPS hardware part

The Kippy EVO GPS dog collar has a sharp design that gives it both a reasonable weight (only 38 grams), interesting dimensions, and extraordinary autonomy. This is a technological feat, since the GPS box can be worn by dogs of (almost) all sizes, and does not need to be recharged every two days (which is often the case for dogs). small battery devices) but can, conversely, last up to 10 days without being recharged.

The case of the Kippy EVO GPS collar is alsocompletely waterproof, even to immersion. Another appreciable point: it has an LED that can be activated remotely from its application (which is particularly practical for night walks!). Design level, we are very pleasantly surprised by the case of the Kippy plotter.

Available in three colors, “green forest”, “pink petal” or “brown wood”, it is bothsober and elegant. Very ergonomic thanks to its beautiful finishes and rounded angles, the Kippy Evo ensures the dog wearing it a very good degree of comfort.

Kippy EVO Product Overall Rating:

Overall Rating[rating stars=”4.4″]
Precision[rating stars=”4.4″]
Features[rating stars=”4.6″]
Weight[rating stars=”4.7″]
Resistance[rating stars=”4.6″]


A very good model of GPS collar: Ergonomic and resistant case, successful application, and full of interesting features, all for a very good price. We regret that the GPS fix is ​​a bit random.


  • Very good autonomy
  • Nice design
  • Waterproof
  • Flashlight function


  • Average accuracy

Software part:

It is undoubtedly on this point that the Kippy EVO has been able to charm us the most. The (free) application it offers is indeed full of interesting, innovative, and particularly relevant features.

The highly sophisticated GPS function offered by the tracker (which uses theGPS / GMS systemsfor outdoor tracking andWiFi / Bluetooth for indoor tracking for the location of the animal ) also allows users to follow in all circumstances the movements of their animal throughout Europe but also in Turkey, India, and South Africa.

In the end, The Kippy EVO application allows a large number of operations from your smartphone, tablet, or computer:

The Features:

  • Real-time dog tracking
  • A history of positions
  • Walk reports(distance traveled, speed, altitude)
  • The installationof a virtual barrier(the user is alerted if his dog leaves the garden for example).
  • A ”virtual leash ” function: the user receives an alert if his dog moves too far away from him during walks.
  • An activity tracker containing reports estimating the state of health of the dog (level of running, games, calories burned, sleep, or the number of steps taken).
  • To receive “vita messages” which provide the user with various information about his dog.
  • The activation of theflashlight on thedog’s GPScollar

GPS Dog Invoxia Pet Tracker
Invoxia - Pet Tracker, The 10 Best GPS Dog Collars and Trackers of 2020
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The Invoxia Pet Tracker GPS collar for dogs and cats is a technological gem that deserves its place in our selection. Thispet tracker, under its sober and elegant air indeed reserves for its user many pleasant surprises. Autonomy, ergonomics, features, subscription: we take stock of the Invoxia Pet Tracker.

GPS hardware part

The first good surprise with the Invoxia GPS dog tracker is itsultra-compact size combined with a featherweight of only 15 grams. Since it is designed to adapt to domestic cats, the box will be easily supported by all types of dogs, even the smallest.

Another good news, the small size of the case does not come at the expense of the autonomy of the device. It is even the least we can say since the Invoxia Pet Tracker offers phenomenal autonomy allowing the device to lastseveral months without putting it to charge.

This feat is actually due to the particularly innovative location technology of this GPS tracker. This is another specificity of Invoxia: it does not require or containany SIM card. Unlike most GPS trackers for animals, the Pet Tracker does not use the telephone network for location but the low-speed networks of connected objects.

This is also why it consumes much less energy than its competitors. On the other hand, it is better to check beforehand its coverage on theLoRa Objenious network(it covers about 95% of the population). Note also that the location can be somewhat hampered in wooded or hilly areas.

Another argument that generally appeals to users is the3-year subscription includedwith the purchase of the device. The subscription will cost € 9.99 from the fourth year.

Last positive point of the Invoxia Pet Tracker case: it is rather aesthetic. Unlike some particularly large or garish models, we are here on something rather discreet. Very comfortable for the animal, this tracer is alsowaterproof and resistant to immersionup to one meter.

Software part

Regarding the application of the Invoxia Pet Tracker, we can say that here too, the quality is at the rendezvous. And if it does not allow the dog’s collar to be illuminated in the manner of the Kippy or to train the dog and communicate with him as the Weenect Dog 2 allows,the application of the Invoxia GPS collar still offers its users a whole panel. interesting features.

  • Virtual fences:The user is informed if the dog leaves the perimeter that he has previously defined.
  • Walk Alerts: The user is notified if the dog has been walking or running for more than two minutes. He can thus activate the tracer to follow the movements of his animal.
  • Dog location and position history:The Invoxia tracker tracks the animal’s movements and sends the user its position every 3.5 or 10 minutes depending on the setting. The dog’s positions are then archived so that they can be consulted at any time.
  • Bluetooth radar:To find the dog over the last few meters
  • Activity tracking:The Invoxia distinguishes the dog’s different activities (walking, running, playing, hunting, ball), evaluates the distances covered during walks, indicates the times of rest and rest and the times of nocturnal immobility (which will testify to thequalityof the animal’ssleep ).
  • This data can be consulted on a daily, weekly, or annual basis, which makes it possible to identify changes in behavior. This is a valuable tool that can help you detect the first symptoms of a possible dog illness or assist the vet in making the diagnosis.
  • Help with the detection of health problems:The Invoxia application can also send you a notification if an anomaly is detected in your dog’s activity.

Invoxia GPS dog collar: Product Overall Rating:

Overall Rating[rating stars=”4.4″]
Precision[rating stars=”3.0″]
Features[rating stars=”4.0″]
Weight[rating stars=”4.5″]
Resistance[rating stars=”5.0″]


A lightweight and ultra-compact GPS dog collar offering excellent value for money and unbeatable battery life. We regret the recurring precision problems and the excessively random position recording intervals.


  • Excellent autonomy
  • Nice design
  • Small and very light
  • Waterproof
  • Health monitoring
  • Works without a sim card
  • 3 months subscription included


  • Defective localization on certain sites

IKATI Tractive GPS
IKATI Tractive GPS, The 10 Best GPS Dog Collars and Trackers of 2020

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IKATI Tractive GPS brown colour, The 10 Best GPS Dog Collars and Trackers of 2020 Check on

Material part:

The Tractive GPS dog tag comes in the form of a box with the following dimensions: 7.2 x 2.9 x 1.6 cm. With a small footprint and a weight ofonly 31 grams,this GPS will therefore be suitable for both larger and smaller dogs.

Reliable, resistant, and waterproof, the Tractive GPS dog tracker is IPX7 certified, a guarantee of reliability and quality! GPS requires, the latter naturally benefits from unlimited coverage of distance, and will be operational in more than 150 countries thanks to its international SIM card: no worries to be done on vacation!
You will understand, who says SIM card says subscription.

Offered from 3.75 € per month for a two-year commitment, the latter remains however reasonable and in the traditional average of the market. Note that Tractive offers two types of subscription, premium, and classic, the premium having the main advantage of offeringcover abroadand an unlimited history of dog positions in the application.

TheGPS accuracy is correct, and as always will depend on the topography and vegetation to the dog’s surroundings. It should be noted that in a situation of dense cover (in the forest) the beacon sometimes struggles to fix the signal, in particular,compared to the Weenect.

The application offers different update frequencies (influencing autonomy) with updates ranging from 60 minutes to 2 minutes. A good point compared to the first price GPS which only offers updates every 5 or 10 minutes. but which remains far from the 10 seconds of a refreshment offered by Localiz. Tractive is taking advantage of its new model to further improve its battery. If it still offers 2 to 5 days of autonomy following use, recharging is now carried out in just two hours.

Application side:

The application linked to Tractive is of course available for free on Android and iOS and can be used from all your devices. Tractive has finally listened to the feedback from these users and the latest updates have made the application perfectly stable and responsive.

Always so ergonomic, it allows any worry to track all your animals (without limit of number). No worries so if you want to equip all your dogs with a GPS collar, you will be able to follow them all from the same screen of the application. On the functionality side, the application is still one of the best alongside that of Localiz and Weenect:

  • Unlimitedlocation history (in the premium version only), allowing you to study all your dog’s movements a posteriori.
  • Real-time dog tracking: via an interactive map identifying your dog (s)
  • Virtual fence function.In other words, a security perimeter is defined in advance in the application. If your pooch ventures beyond the app will send you a notification immediately.

Activity monitoring:grouped together in the application in the form of statistics, these reports make it possible to detect a sudden drop in activity and therefore to identify very early on the occurrence of a possible disease.

Dog Tractive GPS Collar: Product Overall Rating:

Overall Rating[rating stars=”4.5″]
Precision[rating stars=”4.0″]
Features[rating stars=”4.6″]
Weight[rating stars=”4.5″]
Resistance[rating stars=”4.4″]


Offering very good value for money, the tractive is aimed at people for whom GPS accuracy is not an absolute criterion.


  • Purchase price
  • Reliability
  • Fast recharge


  • Average accuracy
  • Perfectible autonomy

TK STAR GPS dog Tracker

TK STAR GPS dog tracker, colour, The 10 Best GPS Dog Collars and Trackers of 2020

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Here is an alternative to the otherGPS for dogs mentioned above. Delivered with its sim card, the subscription then costs only 5.34 € per month which are directly adjustable via the TK STAR GPS application (rather practical!).Location of the animal, history of positions, virtual fences: most of the functionalities are there. Add to this a particularly easy-to-use application at a very affordable price and we get a dog GPS collar that is for everyone.

What about the necklace itself? With dimensions of 70 x 37 x 20 mm and a weight of only 50 g, the TK STAR will suit dogs of almost any size. The white box attached to an adjustable black strap informs the user about thereception of GSM and GPS networks.

The great advantage of this model is that it iswithout commitment or real subscription. Thanks to the payment by application, the user is not bound by any contract, and can for example choose to pay only when he knows that he will need it. The fault of the TK STAR dog GPS? Notice and an app in English.


  • SMS link to track the unit
  • The tracking app and website are fine
  • Lightweight so could be used on the cat easily


  • Maybe could not set a date and time
  • Maybe could not stay online to receive commands

The Reviews and the comparison for the Rest of the GPS trackers will be available soon….!


The Kuoser Animal Gps Tracker is small, light, and super cute with its round shape and pouty smiley face. It looks super comfortable for doggies and naturally, owners of small dogs will be tempted to buy it. Especially since according to the manufacturer, the Kuoser is supposed to be packed withinteresting and innovative features.

Location of the dog in real-time, phone calls, alerts in case of detachment of the collar, installation of virtual fences, history of positions, waterproof collar, the possibility of following several animals, etc.

The catch is that most of the time the collar and/or app just doesn’t work. Problems with network reception,synchronization with the device, faulty application, and instructions not clear at all. So, yes, the Kuoser is not very expensive, but if it is to have a device that does not work, better still save your money.

In this regard, remember one of the basic rules in choosing this kind of product: alwaysbeware of inexpensive devicesthat promise us the moon!

How to choose the right GPS for your dog? All our advice!

You are determined to give it a try and get a GPS collar for your dog. The problem is that it is not necessarily easy for a layman to navigate among all the different existing models.Technologies, ranges, applicationsthat differ, autonomy, weight, etc.

The least we can say is that we can quickly find ourselves lost! To see it a little more clearly, we have drawn up a list of criteria to make it easier to find the type of device that will be most suitable for each animal. But first, let’s take a look atthe different featuresoffered by GPS dog collars.

The advantages and functions of the GPS dog collar

There are several reasons you may want to opt for a GPS dog collar. Most of the time and for obvious reasons, this kind of collar will be especially popular with owners ofrunaway dogs.But GPS collars for dogs are also very popular with owners ofhunting dogs (it is indeed very practical to know at any time the position of his pooch even in wooded areas). More specifically, a GPS collar allows:

  • To know the position of his animal at regular intervals oreven in real-time
  • To have access to ahistoryof the animal’spositionsand thus be able to know its movement habits.
  • The possibility of definingvirtual barriers. By defining a perimeter by himself (house + garden, for example) the user makes sure to be warned (by notifications/alarm) in the event of the animal running away.
  • A good seal. Since doggies tend to like to play in mud or puddles, most dog GPS collars are designed to be water-resistant.
  • Good autonomy. To ensure your peace of mind, some devices have an autonomy of up to 10 days.

Sometimes a GPS collar can make all the difference in getting your pooch out of the way. When running away,a dog can injure itself. It is also not uncommon for particularly expensive dog breeds to be abducted. Even without going into this kind of disaster scenario, it can be really painful to spend 3 hours walking around the neighborhood looking for a runaway dog.

Also, the possibility of being able to know at any time the position of his dog can save the owner from manyneighborhood quarrels. Yep, people don’t always like to see stray dogs walking around in front of their homes. Worse, if neighbors have a bitch and mating takes place between the two animals, it can put a chill on neighborly relations.

Last but not least, a GPS dog collar can sometimes helpdetect the first signs of illness in animals. It can happen, during a period of intense work, that you do not have time to properly supervise your dog.

By observing the history of its positions, we can then get an idea of ​​the nature of its movements and its degree of activity. If, for example, we notice that his movements are suddenly reduced, we can suspect something and contact his veterinarian.

Some criteria for How to choose the right GPS collar for dogs to Buy? (Buying Guide)

Before choosing a GPS collar, it is important to have in mind various criteria to certify thequality of the product. Of course, in addition to these criteria, you will have to take into account the size and weight of your dog.

The technology used

In the field of GPS for dogs, there are various products that can employ different technologies. Since each of these technologies will correspond to distinct applications, it is important to be able to identify them.

  • Dog GPS Collar / Tracker

This is a box attached to the dog’s collar. It contains technology allowing the user to be able to track his dog in real-time and to follow his every move via an application on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. This is the most accurate and efficienttracking technology available, and its range can be unlimited. However, be careful: not all devices of this type have the same efficiency. It will therefore be necessary to take the time to identify other selection criteria before making a final decision.

  • Dog radio beacon

It has the advantage of being lighter and less bulky than the GPS tracker. The radio beacon will therefore be better suited to very small dogs such as Chihuahua for example. Another advantage: it does not require the userto take out a subscription (as is the case with the GPS tracker). On the other hand, the big drawback of this technology is its range is reduced to only a hundred meters.

  • The electronic chip (RFID)

In order to clearly distinguish the RFID chip from the two technologies above, let’s talk about it a little. This is not a technology allowing the user to locate his dog himself. On the other hand, if his dog is found, a person with a reader will be able toidentify him and contact his owner. It is therefore not a GPS technology but an interesting complement.

Device autonomy

The autonomy of the GPS box for dogs is a crucial aspect that must weigh in the process of choice. It can be very variable depending on the brands and models. GPS boxes can depending on the model, be quite energy-intensive. And for good reason, they record data permanently.

Moreover, since most of these GPS boxes have a fairly small size (which ensures the animal a certain comfort), the batteries of such devices often require recharging very often, sometimes even every day.

This is the case with smaller batteries or poor-quality tracker batteries. On the other hand, it is possible to findhigher qualityor slightly largerdevicesoffering an autonomy of up to more than ten days (which is still more practical!).

The weight and size of the GPS box

The importance of weight and size of the GPS box will of course depend on the type of dog you want to track. It is in fact not necessary to make it a crucialselection criterionif the dog in question is a big mastiff, quite capable of supporting this weight.

On the other hand, for the smallest dogs, this criterion is very important, it is in the comfort of the animal. The case should therefore not be too big to the point of hindering its movements, nor too heavy to the point of imposing a real effort on it.

For particularly large and massive dogs, it may also be wise to pay attention to the neck strap. Indeed, some collars designed for smaller necks will not be adaptable to the necks of larger dogs.

The functionalities of the Android / iOS applications

GPS trackers for dogs always work in conjunction with an application that can alsotrack the movements of the animal from his smartphone, tablet, or computer. But here again, there are large differences in quality depending on the different models or brands.

For example, with low-end or poor-quality devices, it is common to find applications that are not very successful, not very intuitive, and that only offer the user the bare minimum in terms of location (the position is updated every 3 minutes, for example).

Conversely, other much more qualitative apps, such as those of Weenect or Kippy, will offer the user the possibility of following his dog in real-timeorof defining a virtual fencethat will allow him to be alerted in the event of the animal running away.

The best way to get an idea of this question is, in our opinion, to download the application before making a decision. Since most are available for free, it is very easy to test them beforehand to get an idea of ​​the different features and thequality of the interface.

The price of the dog GPS collar

Another selection criterion: is the price of the device. On this point, we will differentiate the cost of the tracker and that of the subscription.

  • The price of a quality GPS dog collarwill never be less than 60 €. Below this limit, none of the criteria mentioned above can be met. Conversely, it is just as useless to pay more than 200 € for a GPS tracker.
  • The subscription. Since the GPS tracker technology uses the telephone network to function, it requires the use of a sim card. This implies thatthe user will have to subscribe to an annual subscription(generally included between 30 and 60 € per year). This last point also raises an essential element: for a GPS tracker to work, the user must live in an area with network coverage (minimum 3G).

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